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caustic and maleko                                
da golden ray                                    
Free Moral Agents - Control This (Chocolate Indust
Gajah and Graves33 - TWO HEADED DRAGON EP        
Gel Roc - Life before Death                      
Jedi Knights Circle-Dont_Quit_Your_Day_Job-2009-CR
jedi knights circle-time_capsule-1998-dsp        
jizzm - DreamEP                                  
LA2THE BAY 2mex-My_Fanbase_Will_Destroy_You-2010-F
LA2THE BAY 2mex-Protect_and_Serve-Limited_Edition(
LA2THE BAY 6 Blocc-Terminus-2009-Xplode          
LA2THE BAY Aamir - The Quiet After The Storm      
LA2THE BAY Aamir_and_Xczircles-The_Quiet_After_The
LA2THE BAY abnormal...spaceranger...nebula        
LA2THE BAY abolitionists-abolitionists 02        
LA2THE BAY acid reign & nelia                    
LA2THE BAY acid reign - acid trip...a journy to th
LA2THE BAY acid reign - acidcompositions          
LA2THE BAY acid reign - not your average mixtape 0
LA2THE BAY acid reign - paradigm shift            
LA2THE BAY acid reign - time and change 06        
LA2THE BAY acid_reign-time_and_change-advance-2006
LA2THE BAY Add & Deeskee - Sounds Of Thought      
LA2THE BAY adlib - experience experimentals      
LA2THE BAY adlib - give us free [2007]            
LA2THE BAY adlib - soul proprietor                
LA2THE BAY adlib - tune in 21 tracks              
LA2THE BAY adlib 2008 - dialog (sampler)          
LA2THE BAY adlib advanced sound unit              
LA2THE BAY adlib operatin generator vol.2 01      
LA2THE BAY adlib vs                              
LA2THE BAY adlib- manipulator 1.0 [2002]          
LA2THE BAY adlib- save us [2000]                  
LA2THE BAY adlib-international beats (2005)      
LA2THE BAY Adlip thavius beck - thavius's newer th
LA2THE BAY ajax_starglider-middle_class_broadcast-
LA2THE BAY am1 and fes present-the outdustry05    
LA2THE BAY ameba - the dust issues                
LA2THE BAY andre afram asmar-race to the bottom  
LA2THE BAY andre afram asmar-the living zombeats [
LA2THE BAY andre afram asmar-tramsmigration 2003  
LA2THE BAY anti mc & radioinactive - free kamal  
LA2THE BAY antimc instrumentals at work          
LA2THE BAY antimc My Mom Thinks I'm Jesus        
LA2THE BAY antimc old leg                        
LA2THE BAY antimc-bitter breaks one 2004          
LA2THE BAY antimc-its_free_but_its_not_cheap-2006-
LA2THE BAY araknophobics-lost worlds              
LA2THE BAY araknophobix - phantasmagoria ep      
LA2THE BAY araknophobix - telepathic ambush      
LA2THE BAY araknophobix+abnormal+ imprints=imprakt
LA2THE BAY araknophobix-telepathic ambush-2003    
LA2THE BAY ariano inthenameofthefather            
LA2THE BAY ariano-friendly_fire-2008-ftd_int      
LA2THE BAY Astro_Circus-Bricklayers_Masquerade-200
LA2THE BAY atma - 2006-beyond the speed of mind  
LA2THE BAY AUDIOCLOCKERS                          
LA2THE BAY avatar double negative part 1          
LA2THE BAY avatar-deus_ex_machina-2004-ftd        
LA2THE BAY avatar-stompbox_graveyard-cdr-ep-2007-c
LA2THE BAY beneath the surface - knock twice      
LA2THE BAY brok landhas - unknown 53              
LA2THE BAY busdriver - 2003 - heavy items such as
LA2THE BAY busdriver - memoirs of the elephant man
LA2THE BAY busdriver - this machine kills fashion
LA2THE BAY busdriver - tour cd (12 inches & unrele
LA2THE BAY busdriver and neila - smart buyer-10inc
LA2THE BAY busdriver-fear of a black tangent      
LA2THE BAY busdriver-presents project blowed dummy
LA2THE BAY busdriver-roadkillovercoat-(advance)-20
LA2THE BAY busdriver-Taxed_Jumper_Mix-CDR-Ltd.Ed.-
LA2THE BAY busdriver_and-memory_man_feat.__mc_paul
LA2THE BAY Cadalack_Ron-The_Last_Known_Photograph_
LA2THE BAY camobear records - label sampler [2007]
LA2THE BAY Camobear Records - new recruits        
LA2THE BAY Caustic_And_Maleko-Syncopated_Brushstro
LA2THE BAY chainsmokers- liferexall die young and
LA2THE BAY circus & friends. gangstahz fo gawd (20
LA2THE BAY circus vs andre afram asmar. gawd bless
LA2THE BAY circus+odd nosdam                      
LA2THE BAY convenience_store_(neila_tommy_v_and_ev
LA2THE BAY da goldenray-mackin rich bitches with p
LA2THE BAY daddy kev-shit that never...dropped-200
LA2THE BAY da_golden_ray-macedoine-2004          
LA2THE BAY dday one                              
LA2THE BAY dday_one--heavy_migration_[p-vine_pcd-9
LA2THE BAY debmaster - monster zoo                
LA2THE BAY debmaster - pimp up the volume (tour cd
LA2THE BAY deeskee & existereo hopeless crooks wit
LA2THE BAY deeskee - components of a perfect suici
LA2THE BAY deeskee - lovingly fragmented memories
LA2THE BAY deeskee lovingly fragmented memories of
LA2THE BAY deeskee-blacklight_sessions 2003      
LA2THE BAY deeskee-fragments_revisited-2005-ftd  
LA2THE BAY deeskee-tommy v-shoot for th dirt-how m
LA2THE BAY Deeskee_and_Escape_Artists-For_the_Bird
LA2THE BAY deeskee_vs._of_mexican_descent-money_is
LA2THE BAY die young & m fusion - The Dead Air Pro
LA2THE BAY die young & m fusion -The Dead Air Proj
LA2THE BAY die young and deeskee - ravish        
LA2THE BAY dj hoppa & general populus - hop & pop
LA2THE BAY dj hoppa myspce                        
LA2THE BAY dj hoppa-network_networth-2008-mtd    
LA2THE BAY dj hoppa_and_sirah_one_present-clean_wi
LA2THE BAY dj robone - can't be stopped          
LA2THE BAY dr octagon part ii                    
LA2THE BAY drunken immortals - hot concrete - 2006
LA2THE BAY drunken_arseholes-rural_pimps-2006-dgn
LA2THE BAY Dulok Shaman - Fighting 4 Dreams      
LA2THE BAY dulok shaman-the cosmic tribesman-2004
LA2THE BAY dynamo 414 - ninja please ep 2006      
LA2THE BAY Dynamo414 - Sixten EP                  
LA2THE BAY english league - mirror heroes (re-issu
LA2THE BAY english league - the track team#      
LA2THE BAY escape artists - airspace tests the rem
LA2THE BAY escape artists - calendar and chessboar
LA2THE BAY escape artists - candle and knife ©02  
LA2THE BAY escape artists - trexicana            
LA2THE BAY escape artists aamir - underwater regio
LA2THE BAY escape artists ae3                    
LA2THE BAY escape artists ep                      
LA2THE BAY etimes2 - endangered elements          
LA2THE BAY etimes2 - lmntl work 99                
LA2THE BAY evs - therapy tape                    
LA2THE BAY ex vandalz (perk one rakaa iriscience 2
LA2THE BAY ex vandalz - docile takeover vol 1 -200
LA2THE BAY ex vandalz - Graffiti Brydge          
LA2THE BAY ex2 - '' nemesis '' [2003]            
LA2THE BAY existereo & deeskee - hopeless crooks w
LA2THE BAY existereo - 2009 - excuse my french [my
LA2THE BAY existereo - promo only                
LA2THE BAY existereo and barfly-candy 22s        
LA2THE BAY existereo Lo-Fi Hi-Def 2009 Dead Guy Re
LA2THE BAY gajah (of_acid_reign)-hair_off_my_chest
LA2THE BAY gaslamp killa                          
LA2THE BAY gaslamp killer - its a rocky road vol.1
LA2THE BAY gaslamp killer and free the robots-the
LA2THE BAY gaslamp_killer_and_free_the_robots_-_th
LA2THE BAY gaslamp_killer_and_free_the_robots_-_th
LA2THE BAY Gel Roc & Mascaria - The Void          
LA2THE BAY gel_roc-laws_and_flaws-2005-ftd        
LA2THE BAY geneleg & memphis raignz & masta kong  
LA2THE BAY giants of science (subtitle & doc lewd)
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - & nocando europe tour0
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - appropriately c©mplex
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - black adam (hiphopcore
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - close combat train 200
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - fluo meanies - cd1    
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - fluo meanies - cd2    
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - for the mode          
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - im always recovering f
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - invisible enemy incomp
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - lost love stays lost03
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - nonvox for boxx 03 inc
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - secretive_operative-7i
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - terrain to roam (alpha
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - the invisible enemy (c
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - the lone path of the v
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - trunk bomb (bear recor
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - with omid and free mor
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - www.myspace.com      
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - you w©nt see me      
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks - young dangerous heart
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks how2_beat_the_beat003  
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks stations                
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks trunkbomb              
LA2THE BAY giovanni marks_-_Nerves_of_Ice 2009    
LA2THE BAY giovanni_marks-andhideinmyroomjust_b-w_
LA2THE BAY giovanni_marks-marks_in_angles-2007-cms
LA2THE BAY grafitti kingz                        
LA2THE BAY Grand Buffet - 2007 - King Vision      
LA2THE BAY grand buffet-dicer (the unheard funk tr
LA2THE BAY H 2 A crew - hand_held_aspects-from_a_t
LA2THE BAY hive - bedlam                          
LA2THE BAY hive - hip hop 2023                    
LA2THE BAY hive - raw uncut                      
LA2THE BAY hive - working with sound              
LA2THE BAY Hobyahs .-., fly brown dragons        
LA2THE BAY hypoetical & memphis reigns (mind mecha
LA2THE BAY i ran y-i have no legs                
LA2THE BAY illogic - celestial clockwork 04      
LA2THE BAY Illogic - One Bar Left 08              
LA2THE BAY illogic - write to death              
LA2THE BAY Illogic Diabolical - Fun              
LA2THE BAY imprints crew - cuts vol 2            
LA2THE BAY Innaspace (WhyKnows) - New Colour      
LA2THE BAY jizzm high definition - illasophic volu
LA2THE BAY jizzm high definition - unlimited editi
LA2THE BAY jizzm high definition-illasophic 2    
LA2THE BAY jizzm illasophic                      
LA2THE BAY jizzm trials & tribulations pt. ll ©(98
LA2THE BAY joe dub, deeskee & topik. love bomb sou
LA2THE BAY joey e.t.c and wes cyphers-rebel forces
LA2THE BAY johnny5-autumn 2003                    
LA2THE BAY johnny5-summer                        
LA2THE BAY knowself & moves - pseudo freedom in th
LA2THE BAY kool keith cat's cradle, carrboro nc  
LA2THE BAY kool keith presents thee undatakerz    
LA2THE BAY kool rare keith vol. 1                
LA2THE BAY kool rare keith vol. 2                
LA2THE BAY lab waste - global phlowtation        
LA2THE BAY lab waste can i get it how you live 200
LA2THE BAY lab waste _ zwarte achtegrond          
LA2THE BAY lab waste- monochrome world 2008      
LA2THE BAY labwaste - demo 2007                  
LA2THE BAY labwaste - tour cd                    
LA2THE BAY layla - heretik                        
LA2THE BAY leila - blood, looms and blooms 2008  
LA2THE BAY life rexall- a new life for old souls ©
LA2THE BAY life rexall- frequency response©3      
LA2THE BAY liferexall-frequency_response-2cd-(reta
LA2THE BAY log cabin project - la experimental    
LA2THE BAY longevity-game manual9.004            
LA2THE BAY longevity-jetlag-2003                  
LA2THE BAY longevity-the_game_manual_9.0-2004-ftd
LA2THE BAY longevity-the_thing-(ep)-2007-vinyl    
LA2THE BAY Look Daggers (2mex and_Ikey Owens)-Suff
LA2THE BAY look_daggers_(2mex_and_ikey_owens)-the_
LA2THE BAY Lord Zen & Deeskee - Wakeful Dead Mixta
LA2THE BAY lousy person                          
LA2THE BAY m. fusion-expo 70 2004                
LA2THE BAY m.fusion - the boat                    
LA2THE BAY maker - the maker files (3 beats)      
LA2THE BAY maker-honestly-(retail)-2003          
LA2THE BAY maker_and_joey_beats-broken            
LA2THE BAY MATRE                                  
LA2THE BAY matre-year_of_the_gift_vol._1-2008-ftd
LA2THE BAY metfly - self titled (2007, shoot to ki
LA2THE BAY metfly - the legacy©                  
LA2THE BAY metfly - wiggin´out                    
LA2THE BAY mickey avalon 2005                    
LA2THE BAY Mine_Us_and_DJ_Hoppa-Day_By_Day-2009-FT
LA2THE BAY mums the word - people keep moving2002
LA2THE BAY mums the word-constant evolution2005  
LA2THE BAY m_fusion-lxxx-2006-vinyl              
LA2THE BAY naptron the meta predator              
LA2THE BAY naptron-afekz_of_metatron              
LA2THE BAY naptron-released-cd-2003              
LA2THE BAY naptron-styles of madness              
LA2THE BAY neila & jus                            
LA2THE BAY neila - for whom the bells crow        
LA2THE BAY neila - gateless gate ep              
LA2THE BAY neila - vertical trees with eternal lea
LA2THE BAY Neila-Better_Late_Than_Never-2009      
LA2THE BAY nelia - starting early high ground    
LA2THE BAY nocando - the impatient ep(2004) mad  
LA2THE BAY Nocando - The Patient EP              
LA2THE BAY Nocando-Jimmy_the_Lock                
LA2THE BAY Nocando-L.A._Vs_Hollywood-2008-N.E    
LA2THE BAY nocando-walk the void                  
LA2THE BAY of mexican descent- underground chapter
LA2THE BAY of_mexican_descent-exitos_y_mas_exitos_
LA2THE BAY omid                                  
LA2THE BAY omid & cosiner - involution vol.1      
LA2THE BAY omid - monolith                        
LA2THE BAY Omid Presents -2003-FTD                
LA2THE BAY omid walizadeh (o.d.) - afterwords 2  
LA2THE BAY omid walizadeh - afterwords            
LA2THE BAY omid1                                  
LA2THE BAY omid_and_cosiner-involution_vol_1-split
LA2THE BAY Omni_-_Batterie_12__                  
LA2THE BAY optimus prime - introducing the scam ar
LA2THE BAY optimus prime-  the optimus prime feat
LA2THE BAY Optimus_Rhymes-The_Crooked_Album-2008-C
LA2THE BAY orion pax                              
LA2THE BAY ostrichhead - ep                      
LA2THE BAY ostrichhead - tower of babble          
LA2THE BAY overfiends - motel california          
LA2THE BAY paranorml - refrain from the mundane 03
LA2THE BAY phantazmagorea - inst                  
LA2THE BAY pheonix orion and elusive neo elo alpha
LA2THE BAY phoenix_paranorml_the_beyonders-time_ca
LA2THE BAY pigeon john-and the summertime pool par
LA2THE BAY Pigeon_John-Featuring_Pigeon_John_2-200
LA2THE BAY pigeon_john-sings_the_blues-2005-ftd  
LA2THE BAY pilot rase threatening myself 99      
LA2THE BAY project blowed -sampler 2003 -        
LA2THE BAY project blowed-10th_anniversary2005    
LA2THE BAY project blowed-who the uck is  u      
LA2THE BAY project polaroid 2006tomc3&kool keith  
LA2THE BAY prolyphic and reanimator - the ugly tru
LA2THE BAY radioinactive - pyramidi              
LA2THE BAY radioinactive - soundtrack to a book06
LA2THE BAY radioinactive - the music ep [1999] (we
LA2THE BAY radioinactive-live_in_toronto_06-11-02-
LA2THE BAY raj-concious contemplation            
LA2THE BAY raw_produce-selling celery to get a sal
LA2THE BAY re.4m - never vacate05                
LA2THE BAY re.4m-field_test-2004-ftd              
LA2THE BAY reanimator-special_powers-2006-dps    
LA2THE BAY red sprites and blue jets 12'' ep      
LA2THE BAY Rhythm Incursions - Dday One 08        
LA2THE BAY sandpeople-the_city_sleeps-2006-cms    
LA2THE BAY seven l_and_esoteric-egoclapper-2007-c4
LA2THE BAY shape terrorists from another world - d
LA2THE BAY shapes apocalypse=truth©              
LA2THE BAY shapes disc 1 - primitive©            
LA2THE BAY shapes loose traxx                    
LA2THE BAY shapes soul lows                      
LA2THE BAY shapes soulows 2                      
LA2THE BAY shapes was here                        
LA2THE BAY shapeshiftas                          
LA2THE BAY shapeshifter - a jazzstep injection int
LA2THE BAY shapeshifters  - triple threat - vls  
LA2THE BAY shapeshifters  ex vandalz©3            
LA2THE BAY shapeshifters - 2012 ep                
LA2THE BAY shapeshifters - adopted by aliens      
LA2THE BAY shapeshifters - pot full o' gold ep    
LA2THE BAY shapeshifters - was here - (2004)      
LA2THE BAY Shapeshifters know future              
LA2THE BAY shapeshifters_-_language_differences___
LA2THE BAY shut up  rap - hacienda 23-04-05      
LA2THE BAY smartyr-money symbo martyrs            
LA2THE BAY son of ran - various singles          
LA2THE BAY son of ran-solo 2003                  
LA2THE BAY songodsuns_(2mex)-once_again-(12_inch)-
LA2THE BAY sonic sum - films -2003                
LA2THE BAY son_of_ran-rumors-_2005_              
LA2THE BAY spex maleko and brewmasta - little did
LA2THE BAY the painkillers(old joseph & topic)-pre
LA2THE BAY the weather orchestra - instrumentalz  
LA2THE BAY the_beyonders-time_capsule-2006-whoa  
LA2THE BAY the_Lost_Art-Lost_Articles_Escape_From_
LA2THE BAY The_Understudies - CC3 Or Something 08
LA2THE BAY tommy v - tv four track folklore      
LA2THE BAY tommy v-imprints crew cuts vol 2      
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - and mums the word - mindcloude
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - b boys in occupied mexico - 20
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - gloria_was_a_kroqer-ep-2006-uc
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - knowhawk                      
LA2THE BAY TWOMEX - love songs                    
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - return of fernando mania04    
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - singles_volume_one-cdr-2007-wh
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - songodsuns love fights back [1
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - sweat lodge infinite©3        
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - unrealesed                    
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - unreleased hits 03            
LA2THE BAY TWOmex - ©4                            
LA2THE BAY va-sublevel_epidemic_compilation_vol_1-
LA2THE BAY very special people[coma bear redc.]  
LA2THE BAY visionaries(couch potato 12'')        
LA2THE BAY visionaries-galleries                  
LA2THE BAY visionaries-lif-ted-tek-knowledge-g_(7_
LA2THE BAY visionariez sophomore jinx            
LA2THE BAY waste management - rockstar industries
LA2THE BAY WD4D some                              
LA2THE BAY we came from beyond, vol. 2            
LA2THE BAY westcoast workforce                    
LA2THE BAY whyknows - vinho barato                
LA2THE BAY xczircles (escape artists) -  the urge
LA2THE BAY xczircles-act_of_gosh-2008-vinyl      
LA2THE BAY xczircles-the_purge-2007-vinyl        
LA2THE BAY xololan marketing the monsters        
LA2THE BAY xololan names                          
LA2THE BAY xololan people kill the person        
LA2THE BAY xololanxinxo - addicted to sorrow 2008
LA2THE BAY xololanxinxo-names 03                  
LA2THE BAY xololanxinxo-people kill the person 03
LA2THE BAY young joseph rossi nights & malibu & mo
neila - 2011 - only this one counts [produced by r
subtitle - vectors 1                      


24.7-amphibian-swap sampler                      
24.7-peshi amanmade                              
24.7-peshi holding up the walls                  
24.7-prosperous two of a kind [2004, missing track
24.7-prosperous valleyforge                      
24.7-the rejected relief-advocrates&assimilated02
24.7-tropiczone swap                              
Hawaii - Ghesol_-_Chin_Music__Los_Feo_Faces_2009_
Hawaii - kavet the catalyst - livicated to        
Hawaii - kavet the catalyst - odd to the eye      
Hawaii - Lightsleepers - Narcoleptic Symposium    
Hawaii - OMEGA6                                  
Hawaii - omega6 freestyles                        
Hawaii - sleepwalkers                            
Hawaii - wade - orthros pura                      
hawaii nabahe inc                                
hawaii nabahe inc 2                              
WORD-sensational - natural shine (wscd044) [2003]
WORD-sensationel ''corner the marked''            
WORD-sensationel ''loaded wit powder''            
WORD-Sensationel Bit-Tuner 2008                  
WORD-slotek - 7                                  
WORD-slotek - hydrophonic                        
WORD-spectre - !instromental!                    
WORD-spectre - the end                            
WORD-spectre ft. sensational - parts unknown      
WORD-spectre-Sensational Koyxen                  
wu tang clan 8_diagrams-retail-2007              
wu tang clan brooklyn_zoo                        
wu tang clan buddha_monk-the_prophecy-1999        
wu tang clan demo tape 92                        
wu tang clan enter the wu-tang (36 chambers)      
wu tang clan gravediggaz                          
wu tang clan gravediggaz-6_feet_deep-1994-rmg    
wu tang clan Gravediggaz-The_Demo_Tape-1993-CMS  
wu tang clan Killah Priest                        
wu tang clan vs. mr. oizo - shaolin worm attack  
wu tang gravediggaz mash up - halloween ep        
wu tang gravediggaz-mommy_whats_a_gravedigga      
wu tang Killah Priest                            
wu tang Liquid Swords                            
wu-tang clan - (the acapella album)


afterlife - afterlife                            
afterlife - cookbook & uno mas - stereo-types    
afterlife - cve - & legion-coup de tat            
afterlife - cve - declassified                    
afterlife - cve - gotta cumm up                  
afterlife - cve - hear today, song tomorrow      
afterlife - cve - music from projects to be releas
afterlife - cve - the come up continues          
afterlife - cve - unclassified                    
afterlife - cve - unreleased                      
afterlife - declaration of an independent        
afterlife - eastside badstads-biggest of the badde
afterlife - haiku d'etat                          
afterlife - hip hop kclan - thomakazee            
afterlife - mor +cve +acs                        
afterlife - nga fish - fish files                
afterlife - nga fish - watch out for the afterlife
afterlife - riddlore - everything you need to know
afterlife - riddlore - goodriddenz                
afterlife - riddlore - untitled [2002]            
afterlife - rifleman - kclasixx1                  
afterlife - va-a.t.x.2.l.a.c.a.-vol.01-2008-ade  
afterlife - va-a.t.x.2.l.a.c.a.-vol.02-2008-ade  
afterlife - va-a.t.x.2.l.a.c.a.-vol.03-2008-ade  
afterlife - va-a.t.x.2.l.a.c.a.-vol.04-2008-ade  
afterlife - va-signal_path_2007 instromentals    
Formula Abstract - Cali Crop Circles              


! NEW COCOON !                                    
Call Of Cthulhu (Wormhole, Summon, Legion And Qreu
coCOon - abomination one . Savages_EP_Instrumental
coCOon - aloeight                                
coCOon - aloeight cocoon                          
coCOon - brandon logic - found objects            
coCOon - Ethiopian Tattoo Shop Prod. Phreewil    
coCOon - GRAVES 33 - Systems Revolution2 MP3s    
coCOon - herald foster - The I Pawned The Laptop E
coCOon - Hymnz_and_Variex-Off_The_Beaten_Path    
coCOon - Lxor - Arcane Scripting                  
coCOon - Lxor - Eschaton                          
coCOon - Lxor-Icosa Dodeca Phonic                
coCOon - MigrantLarvae[NewCocoon2011]            
coCOon - MixMasterMcDiffitt-AdventuresFromScratch
coCOon - New Plague of Diseased Language Cocoons v
coCOon - New Plague of Diseased Language Cocoons v
coCOon - Qreus-NoQuestionz                        
coCOon - Riff Raff - Man Over Bored              
coCOon - Sapience - Cymatic                      
coCOon - Slewage - Beyon Shed Light              
coCOon - Smear - Aries Rising                    
coCOon - Smear - Celestial head Phones (320 mp3)  
coCOon - SMEAR - Nebula Fade                      
coCOon - Summon - Cycle Seven                    
coCOon - The Blos - Anomanebula [New Cocoon 2010]
coCOon - THMS-GLÖMDAEGENSKAPER-MP3                
coCOon - THMS-Rum213                              
coCOon - Tree Dusk Muir - 7                      
coCOon - Tree Dusk Muir - Propagated Molting      
coCOon - Tree Dusk Muir - Rezult - Facing Consciou
coCOon - Tree Dusk Muir - Rezult - unreleased albu
coCOon - twilight idols - apathetic palm reader  
coCOon - twilight idols - slighty noticed        
coCOon - variex- lavender canvas                  
coCOon - variex- Observations From Across The Room
coCOon - variex- something about a sudde euphoria
coCOon - Wermhoe & Friends - Chimera Cloud        
coCOon - Wormhole & Sapience -TheMo-o            
coCOon - Wormhole - Life And Death In Binary      
coCOon - Wormhole - Ouroboros                    
coCOon - Wormhole - Tetrahedron [New Cocoon 2010]
coCOon - Wormhole Compilation                    
proleteariots .blue collor blues                  
proleteariots .blues xtra                        
proleteariots .co stars©                          
proleteariots .john tsunam - supremium rap jams (2
proleteariots .john tsunam 2006                  
proleteariots .john tsunami 1not too intelligent  
proleteariots .john tsunami 2but extremely resourc
proleteariots .john tsunami sometwo              
proleteariots .mix cd                            
proleteariots .nocturn - off_the_record-2007-ftd  
proleteariots .StapleMouth - Chukchee Compilation
proleteariots .StapleMouth - Ruler Of Desperate Me
proleteariots .StapleMouth - Un-Everything Except
Qreus - Man-Go-Man                            


ANTICON  melodies and memories                    
ANTICON  sole and the skyrider band              
ANTICON  sole Mansbestfriend-Poly.Sci.187-(ABR0073
ANTICON  the funky precedent vol 2                
ANTICON 1200 hobos - evolution                    
ANTICON 1200 hobos presage                        
ANTICON alias - 2003 - eyes closed 12'' ep        
ANTICON alias - all things fixable                
ANTICON alias - autumn afternoons©                
ANTICON alias - muted - 2003                      
ANTICON alias - online_instrumentals2003          
ANTICON blud-n-gutz - crazy hitman science        
ANTICON bomarr monk                              
ANTICON bomarr monk - fetal antiseptic 03        
ANTICON bomarr monk - surface sincerity          
ANTICON book of bad breaks                        
ANTICON clouddead                                
ANTICON clouddead - beats by odd nosdam, collaged
ANTICON clouddead 1©                              
ANTICON clouddead bbc john peel sessions          
ANTICON clouddead bsides                          
ANTICON clouddead peel session ( big dada 2001)  
ANTICON clouddeaddead dogs two [12'']            
ANTICON deep puddle dynamics - rainmen ep        
ANTICON deep puddle dynamics - untitled          
ANTICON DELTA                                    
ANTICON dj mayonnaise - 55 stories_b              
ANTICON dj mayonnaise-b-sides-2007-dc            
ANTICON dj mayonnaise-still_alive-2007-cms        
ANTICON dj signify elektro4 [2004]                
ANTICON dj signify francis65-sleep no more        
ANTICON dj signify sixtoo-no one leaves          
ANTICON dj_signify_-_45s_plus_-_tour_only_cd_vol._
ANTICON dose one - ha [2005]                      
ANTICON dose one - skeleton repelent              
ANTICON dose one head                            
ANTICON dose one hemispheres                      
ANTICON dose one live with apogee                
ANTICON dose one makeshiftwritersworkshop©        
ANTICON dose one poop soup                        
ANTICON dose one slow death (the permanent cry)  
ANTICON dose one the science©                    
ANTICON dose one the soup asher cooked            
ANTICON dose one vs                              
ANTICON dose_one-soft_skulls-ltd.ed.-2007-vinyl  
ANTICON giga single                              
ANTICON green think - it aint easy                
ANTICON jel - greenball2©3                      
ANTICON jel - soft money                          
ANTICON jel - the meat & oil ep                  
ANTICON Jel-Greenball_3rd-2007-CMS                
ANTICON joe_beats___blak_-_strategery            
ANTICON live poets - respect bw finally vls      
ANTICON melodies and memories                    
ANTICON nitrous ox (pokerface & math of anticon) -
ANTICON non prophets - pista                      
ANTICON non prophets-hope-retail-03              
ANTICON passage - the forcefield kids            
ANTICON passage - the holy phony haunt            
ANTICON passage-b side suicide  pageant ep        
ANTICON passage-decision_master                  
ANTICON pedestrian - unindian songs 2005          
ANTICON pedestrian-the lucked days of one unindian
ANTICON pedestrian-the_toss_and_turn              
ANTICON poetry is for fairies                    
ANTICON presage                                  
ANTICON reaching quiet                            
ANTICON reaching quiet - 2 live shows            
ANTICON reaching quiet - blind field              
ANTICON restiform bodi3s - i want what you want7 0
ANTICON restiform bodi3s - oubliette              
ANTICON restiform bodies - tv loves you back (anti
ANTICON selected poison                          
ANTICON skyrider - masters of deception (vbr)(end0
ANTICON skyrider band - unreleased, instrumentals,
ANTICON sole - bottle of humans                  
ANTICON sole - desert eagle vol. 1 (2007)        
ANTICON sole - exhile (2007)                      
ANTICON sole - plutonium selling live water      
ANTICON sole - selling live water bonus cd (2003)
ANTICON sole - the secret history of undergound ra
ANTICON sole - uck rt                            
ANTICON sole and skyrider battlefields            
ANTICON sole and skyrider Plastique (2009)        
ANTICON Sole and The Skyrider Band - Sole and The
ANTICON sole Mansbestfriend-Exhile-_EP_-2007-dC  
ANTICON sole-live_from_rome05                    
ANTICON sole-poly_sci_187-(digipak)-2007-vinyl    
ANTICON tachichi and dj moves - truth of the trade
ANTICON telephone jim jesus - a point too far to a
ANTICON telephone jim jesus - tel.jim.jesus instru
ANTICON the joe beats conspiracy - reverse discour
ANTICON the josiah ep                            
ANTICON them - primordial & unmastered            
ANTICON themselves - crownsdown 2009              
ANTICON themselves - free houdini leak            
ANTICON themselves - the no music ofaiffs©        
ANTICON themselves hood 2004                      
ANTICON va-the_subtle6_mix-promo_cd-2006-obc      
ANTICON sole - mansbestfriend vol. 5                      
ANTICON sole Shotgun Rules                                
ANTICON Sole-Nuclear_Winter_Volume_One-2009              


factor and awol one- only death can kill you 2007
factor and awol one-Owl_Hours-2009-FNT            
LA2THE BAY awol one & 2mex  - live                
LA2THE BAY awol one - 2007 - the horrendous acts o
LA2THE BAY awol one - afterbirth (2008)          
LA2THE BAY awol one - kanyousee [1995]            
LA2THE BAY awol one - number #3 on the phone      
LA2THE BAY awol one - permanent paradice 12''    
LA2THE BAY awol one - three eyed cowz            
LA2THE BAY awol one - try©3                      
LA2THE BAY Awol One A Road.To.Nowhere.2004 DVD    
LA2THE BAY awol one and mascaria-the chemikillz06
LA2THE BAY awol one-reborn 2004                  
LA2THE BAY awol one-self titled 2004              
LA2THE BAY awol one-speakerface                  
LA2THE BAY awol one-the war of art06              
LA2THE BAY awol_one_and_daddy_kev-droppin_the_kids
LA2THE BAY awol_one_and_daddy_kev-killafornia-ep-2
LA2THE BAY awol_one_and_daddy_kev-slanguage-2003  
LA2THE BAY awol_one_and_daddy_kev-souldoubt-2001  
LA2THE BAY Awol_One_and_Nathaniel_Motte-The_Child_

J:\MUSIK\!ARCHIVES!\Beatings For All

BEATINGS FOR ALL - EmilyRugburn-Birdseed          
BEATINGS FOR ALL - EmilyRugburn-DPD-EP            
BEATINGS FOR ALL - EmilyRugburn-IWishICouldGrowaBe
BEATINGS FOR ALL - EmilyRugburn-SantaTrilogy      
BEATINGS FOR ALL - GDP - Magic Bullet            
BEATINGS FOR ALL - GDP-DirtyMoney                
BEATINGS FOR ALL - Goldz Field - Last Temptation E
BEATINGS FOR ALL - MARCH EP                      
BEATINGS FOR ALL - Vida Killz & G.R.I.E.F 78 -Tran

Buck 65 - 20 Odd Years Volume 1 - Avant - 2010    
buck 65 - bike For_Three-More_Heart_Than_Brains-20
buck 65 - boi girl fight                          
buck 65 - cbc session (3-11-02)                  
buck 65 - chin music                              
buck 65 - chin music (1992) [can]                
buck 65 - CliMbiNgUpaMouNtAin©                    
buck 65 - cretin_hip_hop_vol._1_mixed_by_skratch_b
buck 65 - diesel treatment&the unthinkable©      
buck 65 - dirtbike vol.1 (of 3)                  
buck 65 - Dirtbike Vol.2 (of 3)                  
buck 65 - Dirtbike Vol.3 (of 3)                  
buck 65 - dirty work (2006)                      
buck 65 - game tight                              
buck 65 - hands on approach                      
buck 65 - heck                                    
buck 65 - influence mixtape                      
buck 65 - johnny rockwell vs henry krinkle        
buck 65 - language arts                          
buck 65 - live on brave new waves                
buck 65 - mixtape (old)                          
buck 65 - mix©3                                  
buck 65 - pole axed (2006)                        
buck 65 - Porch                                  
buck 65 - secret house against the world (192cbr)
buck 65 - Situation                              
buck 65 - skratch_bastid_presents_cretin_hip-hop_v
buck 65 - square                                  
buck 65 - stalkin honky blues©3                  
buck 65 - stolen bass                            
buck 65 - strongarm                              
buck 65 - the lost tracks limited edition bootleg
Buck 65 - the unthinkable                        
buck 65 - the463ep ©                              
buck 65 - the_night_before_xmas                  
buck 65 - this right here is buck 65 [v2,2004]    
buck 65 - vs John_Zytaruk--Porch-Ltd.Ed_Tour_CDEP-
buck 65 - with Symphony Nova Scotia (2008)        
buck 65 - skratch_bastid_presents_cretin_hip-hop_vol
buck 65 - Sebutones-50-50 Where It Counts          


admiral crumple - bleached harmony - synchronized
admiral crumple - bonus cd                        
admiral crumple - free joints                    
admiral crumple - free joints 2                  
admiral crumple - natural laws                    
admiral crumple - PRESENT RECORDS AND SCISSORS    
admiral crumple - scarecity-2005-vinyl            
admiral crumple - sourceraw-2006-mtd              
admiral crumple - The Next Night mp3s and Art    


mush Curse Ov Dialect - Crisis Tales              
mush curse ov dialect - curse ov dialect ep      
mush curse ov dialect - hex ov intellect          
mush curse ov dialect - pompospow                
mush Curse Ov Dialect - Syringe Stick-Up Mama & De
mush Curse Ov Dialect - The Professional Savage -
mush curse ov dialect bad bonn 2007              
mush curse ov dialect wooden tongues              
mush curse ov dialect©lost in the real sky        
mush CURSE OV THE KAIGEN EP                      


aesop rock - king just choice                    
Aesop Rock Meets Portishead - Rockhead EP (Mixed B
DefJux... Tobacco - Fucked Up Friends (aesrock)  
DefJux..aesop rock - all day nike + original run (
DefJux..aesop rock - and mercwaters - bazooka toot
DefJux..aesop rock - and_jeremy_fish-the_next_best
DefJux..aesop rock - apple seed                  
DefJux..aesop rock - b-sides and rarities vol. 2 2
DefJux..aesop rock - b-sides and rarities vol.1 19
DefJux..aesop rock - bazooka tooth (headphone scie
DefJux..aesop rock - bazooka_tooth-ster_and_enigma
DefJux..aesop rock - build_your_own_bazooka_tooth_
DefJux..aesop rock - build_your_own_bazooka_tooth_
DefJux..aesop rock - coffee-vls-2007-c4          
DefJux..aesop rock - crunk and bug bites (bazooka
DefJux..aesop rock - earthworms                  
DefJux..aesop rock - evil_nine crooked            
DefJux..aesop rock - fast cars, danger, fire and k
DefJux..aesop rock - float                        
DefJux..aesop rock - instrumentals                
DefJux..aesop rock - labor days                  
DefJux..aesop rock - live                        
DefJux..aesop rock - none shall pass- (promo)-2007
DefJux..aesop rock - numb bw i self devine - want
DefJux..aesop rock - rockhead                    
DefJux..aesop rock - the next best thing          
DefJux..aesop rock and dj hecktik - seeds of hip h
DefJux..aesop rock- fishtales                    
DefJux..atoms fam                                
DefJux..atoms family archives volume 2            
DefJux..cannibal ox - speakeroxxx the ox below    
DefJux..cannibal ox ft. aesop rock                
DefJux..cannibal oxtrumentals                    
DefJux..chase phoenix-cut to the chase 03        
DefJux..cryptic one - the anti-mobius strip theory
DefJux..cryptic one-the crypstramentals vol.1    
DefJux..definitive swim 2007                      
DefJux..embedded studios pres the bedford files  
DefJux..half time special 01                      
DefJux..legendary freestyles                      
DefJux..percee p - now and then                  
DefJux..presents 2000                            
DefJux..Push Button Objects - the remixes        
DefJux..push button objects 2002                  
DefJux..the definitive mix - 2003 - ego          
DefJux..Vast Aire - Dueces Wild [Billy4202]      
DefJux..vast aire. the way of the fist            
DefJux..vast aire. the way of the fist 2 the dark
DefJux..vast aire. the way of the fist 3 kill jill
DefJux..vordul mega (of can ox). yung world (2005,
DefJux..vordul mega - the revolution of yung havoc
DefJux..vordul-from canox                        
DefJux..Vast Aire-OX 2010 A Street Odyssey-2011-HHB    


disflex 6 - 1984-1996-brayn                      
disflex 6 - compilation ep                        
disflex 6 - ehnertia-late_nights_early-2004-rfl  
disflex 6 - elon.is  - atomikage                  
disflex 6 - elon.is  - what world u from          
disflex 6 - guts 1                                
disflex 6 - guts 2                                
disflex 6 - guts 3                                
disflex 6 - hot season ep                        
disflex 6 - jason the argonaut -  keyboard to life
disflex 6 - Jason_The_Argonaut-Casting_Couch-2009-
disflex 6 - jason_the_argonaut-seeds_volume_one-20
disflex 6 - jason_the_argonaut-seeds_volume_three-
disflex 6 - jason_the_argonaut-seeds_volume_two-20
disflex 6 - jason_the_argonaut-sound_it_out-(bootl
disflex 6 - lazerus jackson - crime              
disflex 6 - lazerus jackson - sub trak shun      
disflex 6 - lazerus jackson ep                    
disflex 6 - lazerus_jackson-filthy-(bootleg)-2008-
disflex 6 - mercury - h.g [2000]                  
disflex 6 - mercury - infested [1999]            
disflex 6 - mercury - quixilver                  
disflex 6 - pbs (lazerus & mercury) - war of art  
disflex 6 - pbs (lazerus jackson & mercury) - upsi
disflex 6 - roadside attraction                  
disflex 6 - robot dreams2                        
disflex 6 - scratch paper - earth forces          
disflex 6 - slow burn (247, 2007)                
disflex 6 - the isolationist-jazz fudge          
disflex 6 - the vinyl                            
disflex 6 - the_cliffs 7 inch - 2001              
disflex 6 - the_loophole_project-cdr-2007-vinyl  
disflex 6 - where the sidewalk  ends              


factor - 50_Fingers-46_Middles-2008-CR            
factor - con-soul confessions                    
factor - famous nights and empty days            
factor - heights                                  
Factor - Lawson Graham (2010) -V0-                
factor - the chandlelier ep                      
factor - three                                    
factor after the fact 2006                        
factor and akuma - dawn of a new era 2005 ftd    
factor and ben e - with pain comes pleasure 2006  
factor and ben e elim - salvation                
factor and deepcave-self_titled-2008              
factor and Def3-Drumbo 2009                      
factor and ira lee - cafeteriafood                
factor and ira lee-die-2cd-2007                  
factor and m.phasis -sound gallery                
factor and Myka 9 -1969-2009-BbH                  
factor and nolto-red all over05                  
factor and ron contour-Saffron-2010-UGDN          
factor and stace prints-soulivar-2005            
factor and the gaff-trip_beyond-2007              
factor famous nights and empty days (sideroad, 200
factor heights05                                  
factor presents - side road and friends 2005 ftd  
factor Presents_Old_Souls_Volume_1-Bootleg-2009-CR


ceschi (myspace)                                  
ceschi - fake flowers                            
ceschi - fake flowers outtake                    
ceschi - fake r.i.p. 1                            
ceschi - fake r.i.p.2                            
ceschi - loose flower outtake                    
ceschi - they hate francisco false                
ceschi - va songs                                
ceschi 7                                          
ceschi&david-the most                            
ceschi-Same Old Love_Song2009                    
david ramos poussière (2007, anonymous inc)      
david ramos-is jesus taylor thomas                
dead by wednesday-democracy is dead05            
deadpan darling - selftitled                      
shoshin & friends - compilation - by chukchee 


coCOon - papervehicle - computer our master (2010)
coCOon - papervehicle - edison, mildew & home    
coCOon - papervehicle - the_gutspill_of_1953      
fingerprint dez - Plays Well With Others          
fingerprint edison_all_the_information_at_hand_607
fingerprint h2a sing sing 02                      
fingerprint hippo hippodrome !instromental!      
fingerprint inked impressions                    
fingerprint kunga 219 tharpa                      
fingerprint kunga219 - hip hop shit              
fingerprint losaka-for_the_folk04                
fingerprint losaka. porqueria (2004, fingerprint)
fingerprint phlegm                                
fingerprint phlegm meta4etry the tear i spit back
fingerprint phlegm one night stands...[2002]      
fingerprint records-half_assed_&_halfway_there-200
fingerprint session                              
fingerprint unauthordox -_- divers                
fingerprint unauthordox-heard thru tunnel syndrome
fingerprint unauthordox-the lp04                  


25020604 500yearz - angelic earthling            
25020604 air-slowly_coming_along-2006            
25020604 ben.e elim & crew sd trio & ideal        
25020604 chance won's Heavyweights Monsta Mobstaz
25020604 deps_pneumonik-dark_files_omega_version_2
25020604 dj sincro-pure energy                    
25020604 edmonton_street_ledgends-self_titled-2004
25020604 elevated_elements-progress-2000          
25020604 fourth world occupants - mobile suite bat
25020604 fourth world_ctm_tcd_naps_ems_ee_salvatio
25020604 fourth_world_occupants-fresh_coast-2001-c
25020604 fourth_world_occupants-mobile_suit_battle
25020604 fourth_world_occupants-powerhouse-retail-
25020604 fresh_air-slowly_coming_along-2006      
25020604 gets_the_shakin_whos_reppin-2003        
25020604 junc ops - 2008 2013 (clean)            
25020604 maliks - the deadly art of elephant flyin
25020604 manish_flats-crash.music-2005            
25020604 naps project (rhythms, w's, & lyricisim)
25020604 naps-beotch                              
25020604 os12-forsaken part 1-2004                
25020604 psy-ops-nishikaigan-retail-2002          
25020604 r.i.p crew                              
25020604 sunday school dropoutz media medicine e.p
25020604 unreleased 2002                          
25020604 west coast kgb                          
25020604 west kraven - universe horror nite      
25020604 zes_nomis-250_poetical_prophecies-2002 


Galap4 10th Anniversary-2009                      
GALAP4 Qwel___Maker_-_So_Be_It_Instrumentals__2009
GALAP4 Qwel___Maker_-_So_Be_It__2009__HHB        
GALAP4-adeem transitions                          
GALAP4-alabaster (maker, meaty ogre, dj white ligh
GALAP4-alabaster - scenes of pagan russia in      
GALAP4-GALAP4-&heardrums - hear today            
GALAP4-GALAP4-laced - Dwight Lightnin- 2006      
GALAP4-GALAP4-submerged_state tour                
GALAP4-GALAP4-the blackbook sessions              
GALAP4-GALAP4-the tuffest love                    
GALAP4-GALAP4-wind instrument -2003-jce          
GALAP4-glue (adeem, maker & dj dq) - sonic alchemy
GALAP4-glue (adeem, maker & dj dq) -sunset lodge v
GALAP4-glue (adeem, maker, dj dq) - seconds away [
GALAP4-jackson jones - exquisite corpse 2006      
GALAP4-meaty ogre & dreas - boomers bw bell of the
GALAP4-meaty ogre & dreas - lift your load bw grow
GALAP4-meaty ogre & dreas - loneliness will tear y
GALAP4-meaty ogre & maker - meat your maker (2006)
GALAP4-meaty ogre & om - summer child 7''        
GALAP4-meaty ogre - carne asada (7'') [2006]      
GALAP4-mestizo and Mike Gao-christmas_bonus2006  
GALAP4-mestizo and_jackson_jones-doctoring_time-(1
GALAP4-mestizo apocalypzo 06                      
GALAP4-mestizo dream_state_tour_japan 07          
GALAP4-mestizo ep 2008                            
GALAP4-mestizo life_like_movie-2004              
GALAP4-mestizo spring4ward_tour_cd-2005          
GALAP4-mestizo-dream state tour japan 07          
GALAP4-michael columbia - stay hard              
GALAP4-michael columbia - these are colored bars  
GALAP4-offwhyte -  bow to the sceptor            
GALAP4-proliphic - a change of err and scenery    
GALAP4-proliphic - an alarm clock set for 9.01    
GALAP4-prolyphic - something to hold you over (200
GALAP4-qwel - and jackson jones - rapid eye moveme
GALAP4-qwel - and jackson jones - sideweighs      
GALAP4-qwel - and jackson jones-dark day 2005    
GALAP4-qwel - and jackson jones-twentieth street r
GALAP4-qwel - and Jackson_Jones_-_Jump_the_Gun_200
GALAP4-qwel - and Kip The New Wine Instromentals  
GALAP4-qwel - and kip-the new wine                
GALAP4-qwel - and maker harvest                  
GALAP4-qwel - and mike gao. caffeine dream 06    
GALAP4-qwel - and silence - nerdy [2007]          
GALAP4-qwel - and_meaty_ogre-freezer_burner-2006-r
GALAP4-qwel - if it ain't been in a pawnshop, then
GALAP4-qwel - peep my ep 06                      
GALAP4-qwel - stone soup                          
GALAP4-qwel - the king like oedipus 2005          
GALAP4-qwel - the_rubber_duckie_experiment 02    
GALAP4-robust - no free dope ep (2007)            
GALAP4-robust- freelance gynecologist            
GALAP4-robust-no free dope 07                    
GALAP4-rodan - theophany - the book of elevations
GALAP4-the butchershop quartet - the rite of sprin
GALAP4-typical cats Civil_Service                
GALAP4-Qwel & Maker - Owl - 2010                        


LA2THE BAY jkc-aura - acoustic tide 2003          
LA2THE BAY jkc-aura - deep evening                
LA2THE BAY jkc-aura - deep poets society          
LA2THE BAY jkc-aura - make believe -tape-1999    
LA2THE BAY jkc-aura - school fish                
LA2THE BAY jkc-aura - the hats we wear 2000      
LA2THE BAY jkc-california-2001-ftd                
LA2THE BAY jkc-esp - santa cruz                  
LA2THE BAY jkc-maleko                            
LA2THE BAY jkc-maleko - breathing room 08        
LA2THE BAY jkc-maleko - bw abnormal (split 7'') [2
LA2THE BAY jkc-maleko - nocturnal journals        
LA2THE BAY jkc-maleko - omnidirectional 03        
LA2THE BAY jkc-maleko - resume 03                
LA2THE BAY jkc-optimus                            
LA2THE BAY jkc-optimus rhymes & cosmic - relative©
LA2THE BAY jkc-optimus rhymes - fourcast          
LA2THE BAY jkc-optimus rhymes - metamorphosis - 19
LA2THE BAY jkc-optimus rhymes - more than meets th
LA2THE BAY jkc-optimus rhymes - school the indie r
LA2THE BAY jkc-optimus rhymes - the odyssey - 2001
LA2THE BAY jkc-optimus rhymes 1                  
LA2THE BAY jkc-optimus rhymes 2                  
LA2THE BAY jkc-rip mix burn vol 1 02              
LA2THE BAY jkc-rip mix burn vol 2  03            
LA2THE BAY jkc-sidewalk astronomers     


BOX REB - D.I.O.N. (Black Edtion)                
BOX REB - D.I.O.N. (Green Edition)                
BOX REB - D.I.O.N. (Mustard Edtion)              
BOX REB - D.I.O.N. (Red Edtion)                  
BOXG APESHIT                                      
BOXGUTS - SHATTERPROOF                            
embedded music presents - the magnetic mixtape (pr
embedded studios©bedford files- bonus            
jak progresso & awal - planet asylum vol.2        
jak progresso & friends - return to the house    
JAK PROGRESSO - being normal                      
jak progresso - divine art+unreleased ©01        
Jak Progresso - Dust Witch                        
jak progresso - melodies for children ©03        
jak progresso - pestilence                        
jak progresso - random violence 07                
jak progresso - the house that jak built©        
jak progresso and awal - planet asylum ©99        
jak progresso demon rum                          
jak progresso presents - dump sites the unfound de
johnny²³-box Cane Corso Records - Supernormal Deco
johnny²³-boxfeedrs mhe mrr                        
johnny²³-BOXGUTS - DirtyMuhvaAzzFuggn Mixtape Volu
johnny²³-boxguts - mutilator                      
johnny²³-BOXGUTS snd C PLEX Plex N Guts Mixtape  
johnny²³-BOXGUTS XCLUSIVE                        
johnny²³-fear and loathing in reality©            
johnny²³-jeep jack  - we love you jeep jack      
johnny²³-jeep jack - a jeep jack affair          
johnny²³-lodeck - dream dentistry©                
johnny²³-Lodeck - Fresh Boris Of Bensonhurst Episo
johnny²³-lodeck - unreleased©                    
johnny²³-lodek - omega one - postcarsfrom the thir
johnny²³-Mc Chris - mc chris is dead (2008)      
johnny²³-microft holmes                          
johnny²³-old trolls new bridge©                  
johnny²³-Omega One - Lo-Fi Chronicles            
johnny²³-Recs Pres. They Seemed To Have Wonderful
johnny²³-UNRELEASED STUFF 2007                    
johnny²³-video cutz                              
johnny²³-WILL TAUBIN                              
johnny²³-will taubin - scm                        
Mike2Twenty - Planet Without a Son                
Roebus One - Reflections Of Goodbye              


MF Borat                                          
MFMAD Born Like This (2009)                      
MFMAD clutchi hopkins clutchy hopkins and misled c
MFMAD clutchi hopkins mf doom meets clutchy [bootl
MFMAD clutchi hopkins sleepers never dig, diggers
MFMAD clutchy hopkins 2008                        
MFMAD clutchy hopkins_the life of clutchy hopkins_
MFMAD clutchyhopkins-thelifeof                    
MFMAD clutchy_hopkins-walking_backwards-(advance)-
MFMAD dabrye-get_dirty-vls-2008-cms              
MFMAD doom - dead bent (vls) [1999]              
MFMAD doom - operation doomsday                  
MFMAD doom - operation doomsday xtraz            
MFMAD doom - special blends                      
MFMAD doom - the mic (vls) [1998]                
MFMAD DOOM AND TRUNKS                            
MFMAD doom as viktor vaughn change the beat 03    
MFMAD doom as viktor vaughn v v 1 venomous villain
MFMAD doom as viktor vaughn v v 2 venomous villain
MFMAD doom mm food-advance-2004                  
MFMAD doom mmleftovers04                          
MFMAD doom special herbs v9 04 !instro            
MFMAD doom super villain unmasked                
MFMAD doom twisted metal pt. 1-2004              
MFMAD doom vaughn change the beat                
MFMAD doom yee haw 03                            
MFMAD doom&chris_craft-hooks_is_extra            
MFMAD doom&madlip madvillain 03                  
MFMAD doom&mf grimm - self titled                
MFMAD doom&zhieru-laid out 03                    
MFMAD doom-vomit-vls-2006-ftd                    
MFMAD doomed                                      
MFMAD doom_meets_clutchy_hopkins-the_life_of_clutc
MFMAD gm grimm (jet jaguar)                      
MFMAD jay dee and madlib-are jaylib 03            
MFMAD king ghidra-take me to your leader          
MFMAD lootpack - psyche move 96                  
MFMAD Lootpack_-_Lost_Tapes__2004_                
MFMAD madlib - ynq yesterdays universe (2007)    
MFMAD madlib shades of blue 03                    
MFMAD madlib-the_dudley_perkins_expressions_instru
MFMAD madlib. mind fusion vol 5 (2006,bootleg)    
MFMAD madlib_the_beat_konducta-movie_scenes_vol_1-
MFMAD meets_sf_perkele-i_still_hear_voices_prelude
MFMAD nas_and_madlib-naslib_mixed_by_dj_serv1-mag-
MFMAD prince po - the slickness                  
MFMAD quasimoto - unseen                          
MFMAD quasimoto further adventures of lord quas 20
MFMAD quasimoto hittin hookzZzZz                  
MFMAD quasimoto-bus_ride-vls-2005-b2r            
MFMAD quasimoto-lord_quas_bootleg_reloaded-2005-sb
MFMAD quasimoto-the_broad_factor-ltd.ed.-2004-swe 


babel fishh & oskar ohlson - pinkie swear        
Cubbiebear - The Rape                            
cubbiebear apple juice - teddy faley              
cubbiebear still_cant_fly                        
extendead plunge attempt - EPA 2                  
milled pavement andrromak - life up there ep 2006
milled pavement crew                              
milled pavement extended plunge attempt - st      
milled pavement gb3 - disk 1                      
milled pavement gb3 - disk 2                      
milled pavement gb3 - disk 3                      
milled pavement goose bumps 2.0                  
milled pavement JamesPHoney&zoën-volume 3 ep      
milled pavement JamesPHoney-Hugely Overrated By A
milled pavement JamesPHoney-unloved ep            
milled pavement jamesreindeer&fbcfabric- it's not
milled pavement jamesreindeer&fbcfabric- salvaged_
milled pavement jamesreindeer&fbcfabric- who are y
milled pavement jamesreindeer&friends - newstuff  
milled pavement jamesreindeer&jamesphoney - Rough
milled pavement James_P.honey_and_Audio88-Estetik
milled pavement Joel Simeus - The Tall Tales of Wo
milled pavement lmntl819 & reindeer - views from t
milled pavement lmntl819 - a mercurial soundtrack
milled pavement mike clouds&a frame- life with a h
milled pavement mike clouds- making things go bump
milled pavement mike_clouds-blown_speaker_project-
milled pavement moshe- distance is killing the mem
milled pavement moshe- l'chaim                    
milled pavement moshe- tending to the sheep      
milled pavement moshe- the lesson                
milled pavement project_dark-and_it_was_black-2007
milled pavement project_dark-the_directors_cut-200
milled pavement similicrew                        
milled pavement Sold Out Cyclone                  
milled pavement Syn the Shaman- The Cure          
milled pavement va- Hold Yr Tongue 2008          
milled pavement zoen                              
milledpavement AndrRomak_-_Beauty_Is_But_Skin_Deep
milledpavement lmntl819 - The Book Of The New Sun
milledpavement son lux - at war with walls & mazes              
milledpavement Zoën                                        


Anubis Five - Angel Maker                        
Anubis5-Lets Talk Language                        
Exit Theme - The Year We Make Contact (2010)      
Les Swashbuckling Napoleons - Fuck                
Motherboard - ancient mith - hungry giant        
Motherboard - anonymous inc part 1                
Motherboard - anonymous inc part 2                
Motherboard - antonym - slope (incomplete)        
Motherboard - anubis5 - a face for radio and a voi
Motherboard - anubis5 Alias Jackal & Hyde - Mixtap
Motherboard - anubis5 black market designer drug  
Motherboard - anubis5-black market designer love-2
Motherboard - ape9 - malaki...humble gods        
Motherboard - ape9 - smile now, cry inside later  
Motherboard - arsenic - not another bottomfeeder  
Motherboard - arsenic gonzo journalism (2006)    
Motherboard - athena aka pandora                  
Motherboard - athena aka pandora- loose          
Motherboard - athena aka pandora- total destructio
Motherboard - audiorecon -Red Bus 2              
Motherboard - authentic - patchwork landscape    
Motherboard - babel fishh                        
Motherboard - babel fishh - scotch tape portraits
Motherboard - babel fishh the instruments talk_ ru
Motherboard - babel fishh(the use of of)          
Motherboard - beat tha sh!t outta ya(compilation)0
Motherboard - bENDing MoutH                      
Motherboard - bending_mouth(thesis_sahib_&_selfhel
Motherboard - bending_mouth-bending_mouth-promo_ep
Motherboard - c                                  
Motherboard - CCON-CEN-TRATION LP                
Motherboard - Demune_Crossbreeding_and_Grafting  
Motherboard - Demune_unreleased                  
Motherboard - DJ Bizkid meets Nomar Slevik - The M
Motherboard - done - how to own to shadow        
Motherboard - dreadnots - aid for the subnormal ch
Motherboard - dreadnots - the giant trips [audio r
Motherboard - dreadnots e9nine - peterman        
Motherboard - dreadnots hip-hop©                  
Motherboard - dreadnots loose trax©              
Motherboard - dreadnots monkeymakesaman©          
Motherboard - dreadnots robotic hands of god      
Motherboard - dreadnots-hipster in distress      
Motherboard - dreadnots-holy m blue p            
Motherboard - dreadnots-lightyears-2004-b2r      
Motherboard - dreadnots-loneliness the astronaut  
Motherboard - dreadnots-money machine music 3eps  
Motherboard - dreadnots_slevik                    
Motherboard - exit theme - when the grey fades    
Motherboard - exit theme-anubis5-Black Market Desi
Motherboard - exit theme-random verses-2005      
Motherboard - for the benefit of human kind of    
Motherboard - fuseone-gypsy radio 05              
Motherboard - geneva                              
Motherboard - hungry giant - [under] mining skies
Motherboard - id obelus - ineventiable crushing  
Motherboard - id obelus 2-bit fugue              
Motherboard - id obelus 88 oranges                
Motherboard - id obelus d©ses infrared            
Motherboard - id obelus flyourfavorite 2007      
Motherboard - id obelus rareoddities              
Motherboard - id obelus rural american rap        
Motherboard - id obelus talking to machines      
Motherboard - id obelus there's blood in the ashtr
Motherboard - id_obelus-promo_overkill-2006-vinyl
Motherboard - imaginary friends - the imf ride    
Motherboard - immagrate us - our own nostalgia    
Motherboard - immigrate us - hidden pieces pt.2 ep
Motherboard - immigrate us - no man's religion (ap
Motherboard - Indigenous Womb - Concept-Shun      
Motherboard - jd walker bleed the resevoir©      
Motherboard - jd_walker-5th_citys_own-2007-ragemp3
Motherboard - jesse dangerously- Eastern Canadian
Motherboard - jesse dangerously- how to express yo
Motherboard - jesse_dangerously - interalia      
Motherboard - joe rath he meant well©            
Motherboard - joe rath head trips©                
Motherboard - joe rath junk collection©          
Motherboard - johnny hardcore - self titled      
Motherboard - jun dax - aural oragami            
Motherboard - jun dax - half full half empty      
Motherboard - jun dax - live organic project      
Motherboard - jun dax - orientation              
Motherboard - jun dax - sea saw                  
Motherboard - jun dax - spills                    
Motherboard - les swashbuckling napoleans        
Motherboard - lifelike                            
Motherboard - loose stuff                        
Motherboard - Magnum_Ki__Ismaila_and_DJ_Kutdown_-G
Motherboard - marcelo martins terceira visão      
Motherboard - melodica deathship promo ep        
Motherboard - Nob _ Gate Ltd - Hello Again        
Motherboard - playpad circus                      
Motherboard - ponowai_flora-sampler_platter-2008-v
Motherboard - Prime Minister Cool_New Black Panthe
Motherboard - Random Art Projects - Ignore Ignoran
Motherboard - rsp student 99th demention[friends o
Motherboard - Selfhelp-Old_Friends-2009-FTD      
Motherboard - simantic 05                        
Motherboard - simantic-blue and yellow            
Motherboard - SIQRecords ID and friends          
Motherboard - SIQRecords_EComp_vol1              
Motherboard - sons of mammal - memory burn 03    
Motherboard - the bassments of badmen - hand'solo
Motherboard - the bassments of badmen 2 part 1    
Motherboard - the bassments of badmen 2 part 2    
Motherboard - the moth -chapter one-evolution    
Motherboard - the tules-a haunters workshop      
Motherboard - the word burglar                    
Motherboard - the word burglar burglaritis2006    
Motherboard - the word burglar sj                
Motherboard - thesis&nyles-loved ones (clotheshors
Motherboard - thesis-loOse trax                  
Motherboard - thesis-secret adventures            
Motherboard - thesis-wartime theme songs for the m
Motherboard - time                                
Motherboard - title                              
Motherboard - toolshed - illustrated (dehsloot, 20
Motherboard - waldo faulkner  tule fog            
Motherboard - waldo faulkner - odds & ends from th
Motherboard - waldo faulkner daybreakers          
Motherboard - waldo faulkner music from cereal box
Motherboard panhandlers_crew-park_bench_prophets  
Motherboard x- anucongo - question everything    
Motherboard x- makeshift - Prettyboy Heart Crusher
Motherboard x- makeshift - Richard Catesh In Viral
Motherboard x- makeshift - Richard Catesh Question
Motherboard x- makeshift - SPACEWOMB 1987        
Motherboard x- makeshift BO GUS                  
Motherboard x- Makeshift Einsteins derty money fou
Motherboard x- makeshift einsteins eat            
Motherboard x- makeshift einsteins peephole 1    
Motherboard x- makeshift einsteins peephole 2    
Motherboard x- More Vivid the Picture_Intervention
Motherboard x- Richard Catesh_12 21 2012 Teaser  
Motherboard x- Richard Catesh_A Dimming Within (ph
Motherboard - thesis sahib - Before The End                    
Motherboard - we push buttons (2007)                            
Motherboard - Well_-_Dreamers_1         


M.R. hairdresser mike - every single daze 2004)  
M.R. his story in the faking ancient mith©        
M.R. Mole_Jump_Jack                              
M.R. rammellzee & the mole - unreleased, & never g
M.R. the cafeteria - volume one                  
M.R. the mole & demune BloodyFlags©              
M.R. the mole & friends christmas album©          
M.R. the mole & friends unreleased03©            
M.R. the mole & tang li wheebs maui©2            
M.R. the mole - organopolis ep 2005              


mush Kaigen21Meiso - Root Is The  New Leaf            
meiso - –_‚_“_‘_ (mary joy, 2009)                
mush boom bip - blue eyed in the red room [lex 200
mush boom bip- doo doo breaks 1                  
mush clue to kalo - come here when you sleepwalk  
mush combat wombat_unsound $ystem_05              
mush dj_signify_and_blockhead-nobodys_smiling-2007
mush listener- whispermoon 03                    
mush listener-rap_rap_rap04                      
mush listener_and_eq-ozark_empire-Deepspace5      
mush radioinactive                                
mush ropeladder 12 (2000, mush)      


FRKSE - Gift 7 - 2010                            
FRKSE - REMOVE - 2009                            
FRKSE - Rosewater - 2010                          
N23 FOR DUMMIES                                  
Noah23 - Pirate Utopias (77 Lost Scrolls) [1]    
Noah23 - ФCҜvŁ†  ۞ †ЯiŁŁ                          
Noah23 - ФℭҜvŁ† †ЯiŁŁ II- †Ҥ€ §v₦ Я€Щi₦Ч        
noah23 Fry Cook on Venus                          
noah23 HOR                                        
PLague language Baracuda- Do Tell Mixtape        
Plague Language Compilation                      
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._!plaguelanguage.com!            
pLaGue lAngUaGe._baracuda - knucklebone          
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._baRaCUDa72 tetragamouth          
pLaGue lAngUaGe._bourgeois cyborgs                
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._crunk 23 - spare ribs for the eve
pLaGue lAngUaGe._crunk chris - synergistic mood bu
pLaGue lAngUaGe._crunk chris and conspiracy      
pLaGue lAngUaGe._Crunk23 - Dirty bling            
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._crunk23 - technoshamanism        
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._eXclUsiVe loOse stUff05          
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._farewelL arChetypes vol.1        
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._farewelL arChetypes vol.2        
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._feelix - critical focus 05      
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._harpoon harmonics                
pLaGue lAngUaGe._Homesick-tangentWars            
pLaGue lAngUaGe._Homesick-whereISnoWhere          
pLaGue lAngUaGe._Instant Classic                  
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._jezuz-malice in wonderland      
pLaGue lAngUaGe._kain_marko-the_price_of_heaven-cd
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._livestock iridium77 - 2006      
pLaGue lAngUaGe._livestock spiral like the9.05    
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._Livestock The_Afterlife_Of_Jazz  
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._livestock&hangnail - welcome 2 th
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._Livestock&Madadam-Walk Down The S
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._Livestock_&_Leon_Murphy_-_The_Raw
pLaGue lAngUaGe._noah 23 - cameo therapy          
pLaGue lAngUaGe._noah 23 - cytoplasm pixel        
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - abc of noah23          
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - amalthea magnetosphere  
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - anCient iSraeliteS older
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - andy warhol-fuzzy logic+
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - and_ds_(famous_playaz)-f
pLaGue lAngUaGe._noah23 - chicken pox            
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - clout                  
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - crab nebula 2006        
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - cryptO sporidian        
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - insect network          
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - jupiter sajitaRius      
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - LiVe iN athens 020903  
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - mitoChondriaL blueS 1  
pLaGue lAngUaGe._noah23 - mitoChondriaL blueS 2  
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - NeOphyte phenOtype      
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - paper cranes            
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._Noah23 - Pirate Utopias (77 Lost
pLaGue lAngUaGe._noah23 - quicksand              
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - quiCksand (v.b.t.)03    
pLaGue lAngUaGe._noah23 - rock paper scissors    
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - SigMuS oCtantiS        
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - taU Ceti                
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - the first              
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - the fool-2007 vinyl    
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._Noah23 - The Unmixtape          
pLaGue lAngUaGe._noah23 - upside down bluejay (wit
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._noah23 - VERY BEST              
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._Noah23 Playpad Circus            
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._Normal Oranges (The Main & Lord K
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._oRphan instr#                    
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._pEnny - miscellanea              
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._pEnny - the clock. movement      
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._penny - unreleaseable            
pLaGue lAngUaGe._rajbot - boojwaterror            
pLaGue lAngUaGe._rajbot - modern complaints      
pLaGue lAngUaGe._rajbot - sack lunch              
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._rajbot - the picnic              
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._The Main - Glass Slipper (2008)  
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._The Twin Sisters - Amulet 2001  
pLaGue lAngUaGe._train rawbers                    
pLaGue lAngUaGe._train rawbers-broadcast buffet  
pLaGue lAngUaGe._train rawbers-volume 10          
pLaGUe lAngUaGe._tykus 99 red balloons            
pLaGue lAngUaGe._UNknown rawbers                  
pLaGue lAngUaGe._wierd apples - the big crunch    
pLaGue lAngUaGe._wierd apples - the crunch   


Autopsy - 21 BODIES                              
GL.PL..98 unheard                                
GL.PL..ancien art of adlibling                    
GL.PL..bigg jus & orko elohiem                    
GL.PL..bigg jus-poor people's day05              
GL.PL..bigg juss -black mamba serums v2 Big Dada  
GL.PL..bigg juss- plantation rhymes              
GL.PL..civil war                                  
GL.PL..Edword Sizzamouf - Sound Medz (2007)      
GL.PL..global phlowtation ep                      
GL.PL..global phlowtations                        
GL.PL..inoe one & sach  - name science - 2006    
GL.PL..inoe oner - master relm                    
GL.PL..Inoe Oner - Obese God                      
GL.PL..inoe oner - stray bullets                  
GL.PL..inoe oner - the hermit                    
GL.PL..inoe oner da governmentz greatestz hitz    
GL.PL..left handed scientists-kill your computer  
GL.PL..loose stuff                                
GL.PL..losaka 105 aka-duck the norm              
GL.PL..masters of the universe  innercity producti
GL.PL..masters of the universe - bak to the fututr
GL.PL..masters of the universe-microcrucifiction  
GL.PL..milky wayne-homesick the way we were      
GL.PL..mr ridley- long hard road to nowhere      
GL.PL..odessa kane                                
GL.PL..onedae -_- you'll be safe here            
GL.PL..orko  Rulez of Thumb [1998] {160}          
GL.PL..orko - 777 [2000]                          
GL.PL..orko - nephlim modulation systems - woe to
GL.PL..oRko ALL INSTROMENTALS                    
GL.PL..orko as jah fari - wardrum machine dub    
GL.PL..orko CropFormations 1996                  
GL.PL..orko dreadlocks, incense and oils          
GL.PL..orko DrumWarz 2009                        
GL.PL..orko eloheem _ king of hell                
GL.PL..Orko Eloheim - Forbidden Physics          
GL.PL..orko Eyemagedon [2002] {192}              
GL.PL..orko Fucked Up Planet [1997] {192}        
GL.PL..oRko nms-imperial letters of protection    
GL.PL..orko the sykotic alien                    
GL.PL..orko the sykotik alien - doomsday prophet  
GL.PL..oRko-atoms of eden03                      
GL.PL..orko-chaos_is_my_friend06  instr#          
GL.PL..oRko-soundwave scientist04                
GL.PL..orko-walk_to_the_edge_of_earth05  instr#  
GL.PL..phlowtation devices vol. 1                
GL.PL..shamen12 _ 12 kommandments                
GL.PL..shamen12 _ master piece theater            
GL.PL..sumach  dead midget on stilts crutches    
GL.PL..sumach - jungl bulit [2007]                
GL.PL..sumach as gonja_sufi                      
GL.PL..sumach aSufi and a Killer (vinyl) [320]    
GL.PL..sumach flamingo gimpp (2007)              
GL.PL..sumach garlikillz                          
GL.PL..tenchun search & destroy[2006]            
GL.PL..tenshun black album (2006)                
GL.PL..tenshun delirium                          
GL.PL..unheard to the 3rd degree                  
GL.PL..West Kraven                                
GL.PL..zagu brown  dont believe it                
GL.PL..zagu brown - looking for the perfect beat  
GL.PL..zagu brown above it all                    
global phlow . westtkraven - longwayfromhome.ep  
globalphlow masters of the universe Bassment 312 t
GONJASUFI-_THE 9TH INNING_ E.P                    
imfinitygauntled - investigator                  
infinity gauntlet  analog death syndrum          
infinity gauntlet - audio renaissance            
infinity gauntlet and bleedin - prelude night mare
Morti Viventear - Effexor Cocktail - (192 kbps) -
mr ridley long hard road to nowhere              
mush bigg jus - poor people's day                
ORKO - LEFT HANDED SCIENTISTS                    
Pistol Opera                                      
pistol opera 2                                    
Psychopop - Sanatarium Savant Cutting Room Floor  
scatter brain & v-rock madness mp3                
Scatter Brain The Acid Atheist - Grand Theft Audio
SCVTTERBRVIN - Blunt Raps                        
SCVTTERBRVIN - Grand Theft Audio Volume 2        


Seattle -12 Bit Murder Accompanied By Noventa - Dead Space
Seattle -p.WRECKS - The Hollow Fossils Project (2009)      
Seattle -Quiz 10 -Tahkid - Werd Slingers                  
Seattle -Quiz10 - Alligator Turtle E.P                    
Seattle -gun of the sun - go home                
Seattle - 12 Bit Murder - Fuck Everyone          
Seattle - 12 Bit Murder - Lady Killers Volume 1  
Seattle - p.WRECKS - The Hollow Fossils Project (2
Seattle - Time Vs Space Vol 2                    
Seattle - v1rusvolkswagon                        
Seattle -12 Bit Murder - Stab you in your Ipod    
Seattle -A-BOMB - hundrets of joints              
Seattle -lister higgins - objects etc            
Seattle -quiz10 alligatorturtle                  
Seattle -quiz10 fist hit air                      
Seattle -quiz10 lampin                            
Seattle -TAHKID                                            
Seattle -V1rus - Till it goes click 2010                  
Seattle -Youth Feeders Compilation                        


cave_HORSE_ROad..ame109 elated narrative integrati
cave_HORSE_ROad..animal shadows olos03            
cave_HORSE_ROad..ansatz der maschine              
cave_HORSE_ROad..ansatz der maschine - hide for th
cave_HORSE_ROad..anstaz der maschine - new songs -
cave_HORSE_ROad..candy's 22 - livin la vida boo ho
cave_HORSE_ROad..cavemen speak - bowl of monkey  
cave_HORSE_ROad..cavemen speak - tell all resident
cave_HORSE_ROad..cavemen speak man bites cavemen  
cave_HORSE_ROad..cavemen speak so the blindman wok
cave_HORSE_ROad..cavemen speak tell all residents0
cave_HORSE_ROad..cavemen speak wooodden cast02    
cave_HORSE_ROad..conspiracy screw the underground
cave_HORSE_ROad..epic - heater in my truck instrum
cave_HORSE_ROad..Epic - Scarf Face (V0)          
cave_HORSE_ROad..epic-heater in my truck&when my l
cave_HORSE_ROad..epic-local only04                
cave_HORSE_ROad..epic-old gifted and white        
cave_HORSE_ROad..gunporn prettyprettyplease04offbe
cave_HORSE_ROad..hue presents - virtual dj set for
cave_HORSE_ROad..hue records - once a hue, always
cave_HORSE_ROad..joe dub & factor - live in 75    
cave_HORSE_ROad..kay the aquanaut - day dreamin  
cave_HORSE_ROad..kay the aquanaut - deep rooted  
cave_HORSE_ROad..kay the aquanaut - waist deep in
cave_HORSE_ROad..marcus graap - greatest hits    
cave_HORSE_ROad..metropolis now - metropolis now  
cave_HORSE_ROad..Mistake, Rewind, Repeat          
cave_HORSE_ROad..mummy fortunas theatre company  
cave_HORSE_ROad..new ish                          
cave_HORSE_ROad..nolto - all over the right here  
cave_HORSE_ROad..nolto - nawlij or lack there of -
cave_HORSE_ROad..nomad cats and babie's          
cave_HORSE_ROad..nomad lemon tea (2006. hue)      
cave_HORSE_ROad..nomad the isolated friend        
cave_HORSE_ROad..nuccini - matters of love and dea
cave_HORSE_ROad..paranoid castle - one way ticket
cave_HORSE_ROad..pilot balloon - ghastly good chee
cave_HORSE_ROad..presence members only04Uncommon R
cave_HORSE_ROad..project mooncircle & botanica del
cave_HORSE_ROad..project mooncircle Heart On The R
cave_HORSE_ROad..project mooncircle lunar orbit 20
cave_HORSE_ROad..project mooncircle wisdom in chai
cave_HORSE_ROad..recyclone corroding the dead    
cave_HORSE_ROad..royal t - deepcave - all albums i
cave_HORSE_ROad..shadowanimals & bleubird - live a
cave_HORSE_ROad..shadowanimals - solos unreleased
cave_HORSE_ROad..shadowanimals - winter collection
cave_HORSE_ROad..sketchie -  rifles of the 1900s  
cave_HORSE_ROad..sketchie - rain by high lantern (
cave_HORSE_ROad..soso - tinfoil on the windows - [
cave_HORSE_ROad..soso. hue presents soso special c
cave_HORSE_ROad..soso. team compilation (2005)    
cave_HORSE_ROad..stacs of stamina & pilot balloon
cave_HORSE_ROad..stacs of stamina - mistake, rewin
cave_HORSE_ROad..stacs of stamina PROMO 03        
cave_HORSE_ROad..stacs of stamina tivoli 04werk re
cave_HORSE_ROad..stacs of stamina urna            
cave_HORSE_ROad..two ton sloth - school play from
cave_HORSE_ROad..two ton sloth loves broadcast (mi
cave_HORSE_ROad..vijay iler & mike ladd          
cave_HORSE_ROad..vizion - vizion quest (offbeat pr
cave_HORSE_ROad..vs jerry granelli - music has its
cave_HORSE_ROad..zucchini drive - a fistful of yen
cave_HORSE_ROad..zucchini drive - being kurtwood  
cave_HORSE_ROad..zucchini drive - easy tiger      
cave_HORSE_ROad..zucchini drive - goodyear televis
cave_HORSE_ROad..zucchini drive - handclap handcla
cave_HORSE_ROad..zucchini drive - hue and laugh an
cave_HORSE_ROad..zuccini drive - being kurtwood  
cave_HORSE_ROad..Royal-T and The Dirty Sample - Cognitive Ability  
cave_HORSE_ROad..sketchie - willow vox             


! south afrika unsorted !                        
ben sharpa (2007) - b sharpa                      
Cape Town Beats Disc 1                            
Das Racist - Shut up- Dude                        
Das Racist - Sit Down- Man                        
hympathic thabs - age of horus snippet            
Konfab - The Lost Tapes                          
milanese - extend                                
milanese - lockout ep mp3s                        
milanese vs virus syndicate - dead man walking    
milogic USE YOUR WORDZ                            
MINGUS-prime exsample                            
pioneer unit                                      
pioneer unit driemanskap - Igqabhukil´ Inyongo    
pioneer unit Jaak - Fletse maniere                
pioneer unit Ma-B - Beats & rhymes mixtape        
pioneer unit Manqoba - the winner                
pioneer unit Pure Solid - Ghetto dubs            
pioneer unit rattex - bread and butter (2009)    
pioneer unit rattex - Streets,raps Us            
sedge warbler - lp                                
Sikadelik - The Tape of the Dark Arts 2013        
spoek mathambo (2010) - mshini wam                
Tumi & The Volume                                
Tumi ''Whole Worlds''                            
Tumi - A Dream Led To This                        
Tumi and the Volume                              

J:\MUSIK\!!! NEW 2003

Ab-Soul - Control System - 2012                  
action bronson bon-appetit-bitch                  
Action_Bronson_amp_Statik_Selektah_Well Done      
Action_Bronson_blue chips                        
antwon - end of earth                            
Antwon - Fantasy Beds                            
Antwon - In Dark Denim (2013)                    
Antwon - My Westside Horizon                      
Antwon - River Of Slime                          
ASAP Rocky  Danny Brown - 2 Pills 1 Cup (DatPiff.c
ASAP Rocky - Harlem Mob (DatPiff.com)            
ASAP Rocky – Long.Live.ASAP.(Deluxe)- 2013        
ASAP_Rocky-Deep Purple                            
BANG ESKIMO                                      
Beautiful Eulogy - Satellite Kite                
blindspot - Hugs                                  
Brenk - Gumbo II                                  
Danny Brown_-_XXX                                
Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze - KILL OR BE KILLED  
Deniro Farrar - DESTINY. altered                  
Domo Genesis No Idols                            
Domo Genesis Under The Influence                  
DRTYDRDZ - Behind Closed Doors                    
DRTYDRDZ - South France 1972                      
DRTYDRDZ - Tea Time EP                            
earl - doris                                      
Flatbush Zombies -Drugs                          
Gavlyn - From the Art (2012)                      
ghostpalmss - die - full album                    
GILA MONSTA - SHED SKIN PT. 1                    
Haleek Maul - Chrome Lips                        
Haleek Maul Oxyconteen                            
Haleek Maul WEB EP                                
HAUNTED DAYS Bleached cuts                        
HEAVEN PT 1                                      
HEAVEN PT 2                                      
HEAVEN PT 3                                      
Hopie Spitshard -Dulce Vita-                      
I LOVE YOU LOFTY                                  
It Dont Mean Nothing, Yung Arni Mixtape 2013      
JEZUS MILLION                                    
Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights EP                  
joey badass - 1999                                
KHALIL+NOVA+-+ THA BLACK LAYNE                    
Kid Cudi-Man On The Moon2                        
kitty pryde - haha im sorry                      
Lary (Chimperator Productions) - Lary Says Mixtape
Lil B - 1 Bitch                                  
Lil B - Dior Paint                                
Lil B - God's Father (BounceMixtapes.com)        
Lil B - Im Gay (Im Happy)                        
Lil B - Im Thraxx                                
Lil B - Rain In England                          
Lil B - Roses Exodus                              
Lil B - Six Kiss                                  
Lil B The BasedGod - Based Jam (DatPiff.com)      
Lil B The BasedGod - Frozen Based Freestyle Mixt (
Lil B The BasedGod - Green Flame (DatPiff.com)    
Lil B The BasedGod - Obama Basedgod (DatPiff.com)
Lil B The BasedGod - Rich After Taxes (DatPiff.com
Lil B The BasedGod - Task Force (DatPiff.com)    
lofty305 - haunted clothes 2                      
lofty305 - intimacy 2                            
lofty305 - posh portal                            
lofty305 - vaglord                                
Lowercase 305th Dimension                        
Lowercase Alienated                              
Lowercase homegrwn the shroomer                  
Lowercase Japan On My Mind                        
Lowercase LowaVader                              
Lowercase Ms.Cinema                              
Lowercase Rebel Fleet                            
Lowercase Shuttlelife in Village South            
Lowercase The Adventures of Mr.Silkky            
Lowercase Village South                          
Lowercase Village South 2                        
Lucki Eck$ - BODY HIGH                            
MaLLy - The Last Great                            
MaLLy - The Letter                                
MaLLy - The Moment                                
MaLLy - The Passion                              
Maxo Kream - Quicc_Strikes                        
Maxo Kream - Retro Card (DatPiff.com)            
Nacho Picasso - High and Mighty (2013)            
Nell  - The Revolution 94 (DatPiff.com)          
NoEmotion - AMERICAN HENTAI                      
NoEmotion - Drive-by Cum Shotz                    
Pepperboy off tha block records - DAYS OF GRACE (E
Pepperboy off tha block records - ONE LIFE TO LIVE
Pepperboy off tha block records - VETERAN (EP)    
Phlo Finister - Crown Gold (EP)                  
Phlo Finister - POSTERGIRL EP                    
Rob Mitchell - The Prelease (DatPiff.com)        
Robbie DreadEyez - Egyptologyst Return of The Dre
Robbie Dreadeyez Shuttle Life - EGYPTOLOGYST 2 T (
Sasha Go Hard - Do U Know Who I Am (DatPiff.com)  
Sasha Go Hard - Nutty World Hosted By Dj Victoriou
Sasha Go Hard - Round 3 (DatPiff.com)            
SEWAGE TAPES - BIRTH OF MAN                      
Shuttle Life Various Artists - Hover Mode No Lan (
Shuttlelife in Village South                      
Sinjin Hawke - Bootlegs (2011)                    
Sinjin Hawke - The Lights (2011)                  
Ski Beatz - 24 Hour Karate School Presents Twiligh
staaley - I'm In the Forest EP                    
Stalley - afterlude Intelligent Trunk Music (DatPi
Stalley - by joker (DatPiff.com)                  
Stalley - Dj 2fresh  Slim K Present Stalley - Sa (
Stalley - Goin Ape (DatPiff.com)                  
Stalley - Lincoln Way Nights %28Intelligent Trunk
Stalley - MadStalley The Autobiography (DatPiff.co
Stalley - Savage Journey To The American Dream (Da
Stalley - Stalley Underestimate Lp (DatPiff.com)  
StalleyRashadWaleRick RossChevy WoodsG-SideW (DatP
TA HA                                            
Trinity - Collectors Edition Vol. 2              
Trinity - Days of My Life                        
Trinity - The City is Ours                        
Trinity - The Valley Mixtape                      
Wiz Khalifa - The Layover (DatPiff.com)          


alas ( this.style.color )                        
alas -old stuff                                  
alas -_- expressions                              
algorithm - banana clip vol.3(instrumentals)      
ALGORITHM - scars and scrapes                    
atom the immortal - sword of 77 faces            
awkward why - 6 bubbles                          
Awkward-More Early Hours                          
Blue Sky Black Death and Nacho Picasso - For The G
Blue Sky Black Death and Nacho Picasso - Lord Of T
blue sky black death late night cinema            
blue_sky_black_death - a_heap_of_broken_images cd1
blue_sky_black_death - a_heap_of_broken_images cd2
cella dwellas - realms n reality                  
cousins of def-cee!!!!&friends fried chicken flavo
Crop Circles720 _Cursive Melodies_                
Dark Time Sunshine - Vessel 2010 mp3              
deadbeats - deadbeats ep-99                      
deadbeats - night of the living deadbeats lp      
delegates of culture - resented (ep)              
DJ Przm                                          
dorian three - down world, up songs (childproof re
dorian three, the (adeem, adverse & dj mf shalem b
dos noun and burns-compelling                    
east flatbush project                            
eekwol - apprentice to the mystery                
feminine fine side                                
fishing in troubled waters                        
food for animals - belly                          
food for animals - cut and paste yr face ep      
food for animals - scavengers04                  
ghettosocks cd1                                  
ghettosocks cd2                                  
greenhouse effect                                
greenhouse effect - life sentences                
greenhouse effect _ CoB _ 2008                    
gumshoe strut - sidewalk                          
hermit of the woods                              
hermit of the woods - The Woods Are Burning      
hermit of the woods - various beats              
imaginations treetrunk - FSB                      
immigrate us - hidden pieces pt.2 ep (aphasic tone
immigrate us - no man's religion (aphasic tone 200
indigenous womb - concept-shun (2005)            
indigenous womb - mantras ep (2004)              
Indigenous Womb vex-bliss - alley-kat anthem      
instruments for interpretation - as we enter this
jonathan toth from hoth - brainwashing            
Jonathan Toth from Hoth with MF Doom - Ghostwhirl
kitchenkutz 49 oh 6                              
Labyrinth - The Philospher (2008)                
lincoln hayes-enoch light-friend of              
lip service (lip service)                        
lip service - fried lip [2000]                    
lip service - psychonau                          
lip_service-the_bookkeepers_daughter05Savage Style
mhz - rocket science 12 single  www.sicknezz.blogs
mhz - world premier bw camu 12  www.sicknezz.blogs
mism 001 - bleubird & reindeer - split 7''        
mism 002 - soso & motionless - split 7''          
onyx - all we got iz us                          
onyx - bacdafucup                                
onyx - bacdafucup ii                              
onyx - shut'em down                              
opus full-length album###                        
paraone - beat down ep                            
penpushers art mechanics                          
penpushers eaters digest                          
penpushers eaters digest inst                    
penpushers last vestige of holism                
Penpushers Poltergeeks                            
penpushers the pesky varmints                    
penpushers the pesky varmints inst                
penpushers Void Engineers                        
przm ft. spitball and 3ms - the best of przm vol.
przm presents - blueprint and illogic live        
przm presents spitball the last straw            
przm presents the flim flam fonosluts            
przm prsents 3ms - dead fan humor                
quangou - escapables aquariums                    
Rob The Viking - Beats To Pillage And Conquer By  
roosevelt tharpa - elaborate neurotics advance    
rubberoom - street theme 12''with acca            
rubberroom - archtechnology                      
rubberroom - sector rush - smoke the shining      
Shadowrunners - Himself - I Have No Identity Vol.
Shadowrunners - Himself The Majestic - Mexicans Ca
Shadowrunners - I-Have-No-Identity-Vol_-2        
Shadowrunners - SR_IP_FR                          
Shadowrunners - The Toxic Avengers Mixtape        
sicarii (of epic proportion)                      
task force - music from the corner 2              
taskforce - mftc3                                
the nucc - bachelor of science ep                
the nucc - the nucc                              
The opus -Praying Mantis EP                      
The Realist                                      
vex bliss - do the math vol. i                    
Vex-bliss - alley-kat anthem                      
vocab - on the rock                              
we stain porcelain- the first flush compilation  
weirdo-opinions of another selfish asshole ep    
western union Children Of A Greater MIC          
western union l.o.r.d.360°                        
western union l.o.r.d.360°(b.p.c.s.l.r.g.t.b.f.f.o
western union l.o.r.d.360°after this year 05      
western union l.o.r.d.360°hail 2 the profit 01    
western union off with their heads                
western union untitled 2005smashpop recording    
wolverine-from the shadows of the underground    
wolverine. best of wolverine sampler (2006)      
writers block - en route                          
writers block-singles n sideshows                
x28 myspace shit                                  
x28 records presents- further than the end        
x28 vitality- excursion                          
x=144 - the lost cd-r's vol.1                    
ZOMBIETRUCK - A Childrens Garden Of Beets        


1.Disflex6 - Disflex6 - Winnie Cooper 12_.mp3    
4. density DLS                                    
Aaron Cohen - Murk                                
acid raign                                        
Action Bronson & Harry Fraud - Saaab Stories (EP)
Aek One                                          
Aether - Artifacts                                
ALL URBAN OUTFIELD - CRYPTO                      
anahata scarred sound                            
applied science                                  
aquat didley                                      
Arcsin Wrath Of Man 2010                          
Art of The Beast                                  
astronautalis - Seven freestyles in seven days  (2
atlas cities                                      
atom the immortal - son_of_slaves_and_lords      
Awkward - Adam's Apple w- Nadia Nair and Shuanise
B-One - Break the Mold (2011)                    
basik apex                                        
blindspot - A Fine Mess EP                        
Blunted Sultan - Vampiro Teuthis                  
Blunted Sultan Iron Mocassin                      
Brad Hamers - Post No Dreams (2010)              
bravestarr - toy city                            
Bright Bright Bright                              
Cali Cam - Firm Biz                              
Cannibal Ox - Gotham (2013)                      
Chemo-Squirrelz With Gunz Redux-WEB-2011-HHB      
Chrystal Oak - Post Romanticism                  
circle empire                                    
Circular Objects - Upload                        
cleaveland steam                                  
cosmic truckaz                                    
Curreny - New Jet City (DatPiff.com)              
Da Bomb                                          
Dark Dark Dark-Who Needs Who 2012   320kbps mp3 (s
Dark Days - DJ King K Kinetics                    
Dead Seagull Medicine -DSM- - Dead Seagull Medicin
deadpan darling (last saved mixes)                
Deaed Language - Rust Bowl Ballads Vol. 1        
DEATH GRIBS WEB LOVE                              
Disflex6 - Disflex6 - Odyssey                    
Disflex6 - Disflex6 - The LEX Collection          
DJ Kinetics - Sick Society 2012                  
DJ Scientist - For Better, For Worse (2012)      
dj scitist                                        
DOOM-Terrortry - Legendz Ov DOOM!!!              
E. Oks - Sleep On It                              
Emphasize & Edgar IsReal - The Standstill Motions
eon ra                                            
Eon Ra - Analog Genocide                          
eon ra toombkeeper                                
Ethereal and Kosherbeets - Da Etherbeets EB -Exten
five scrolls of doom wavs                        
Freetime Synthetic - Best of So far 2010          
goodnight music presents                          
gordo templi                                      
Graves - SYSTEM REVOLUTION MP3s                  
Heems - Nehru Jackets                            
HIDDEN FORTRESS - White Violence                  
Honey Cocaine - Thug Love (DatPiff.com)          
Hymphatic thabs - the age of horus                
Ill Bill - The Anatomy Of A School ShootingUnstopp
ink - there there mp3                            
JAK PROGRESSO                                    
jamesphoney & jamesreindeer - Mausoleum Handout -l
Josh Martinez - Blotto (2013)                    
ka-meal - Instrumental Vol 1 (DatPiff.com)        
kitchenkutz 49 oh 6                              
KULT MUSIKK                                      
L.W.H. - The Tape Hiss Hooligan                  
Labyrinth - The Philospher (2008)                
LIL PEEP                                          
LiL PEEP - LiL PEEP PART ONE                      
LiL PEEP - VERTIGO                                
LINCOLN HAYES AKA 100                            
long hard road to nowhere                        
Lorn - Self Confidence Vol.2                      
los fea faces                                    
maga bo (2008) - archipelagoes                    
Maiselph - I call myself, Selphmai. You can call m
Maiselph - POLITICALLY INCORRECT Feat. Good Grades
matt gamin - mgaosep                              
matt gamin - mrddb                                
mike shank - deprivation                          
nabahe awtfs                                      
Necro - Morlockko Plus Remixes Vinyl (2013)      
neila 2                                          
New Cocoon - Morphogenesis                        
Nextraterrestrials - The Coda Quota [1999]        
Noah23 - ФℭҜvŁ† †ЯiŁŁ II- †Ҥ€ §v₦ Я€Щi₦Ч        
noah23 lotus deity                                
nocando 2013                                      
Nomad lemon tea                                  
Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard [320]                  
ONSE & SEV - GENESIS                              
ot - the official                                
Ovate & Staplemouth -The Ogre Ephemeris          
p.WRECKS - Luggage Checked to Nowhere            
paper lanterns                                    
Papervehicle - Commuter Our Master                
papes n vapes 2                                  
papes n vapes 3                                  
Pazahora + Kah-Roe-Shi - Split                    
PEEP The aPROcalypse final                        
phc hearts                                        
Product Killers 2                                
Propr Boyz                                        
Prosperous - Dose were the Daze (acapellas)      
Prosperous joint 2 acapellas                      
Quiz 10 - Prescription Handbills                  
randy - turning of the worm [2004]                
richard catesh phonophonic                        
Richard Catesh vs The ChukChee_Probviously Severio
Robo the technician                              
Robust & Jewels Hunter - The Toolbox - Single    
Rymo - Cumulus Confusion                          
S&L - gnfbp                                      
Self Target - The Formula                        
Sick Society LP DJ Kinetics                      
Sikadelik & Dark Chamberz - Esoteric Theosophical
Sikadelik - Sinistre                              
SILENT KAOS                                      
skeleton key                                      
skull control                                    
Skyrider - Aux Send vol.1 [2010]                  
Space Station Status                              
Spex - Dead Forest Chronicles                    
Ten Stories High                                  
Th' Mole & Friends  - Love In The Chaosphere      
The Ambush 2 - HotNewHipHop                      
The Best of Billy Woods                          
the hooded locust                                
the OPUS - THE SAVE ME GALLERY - DJ              
Therian Doors - Therian Doors                    
Throne Burner - Sky Burial                        
Till It Goes Click Demo 2010                      
troubadour - the rostrum (this is my art...troubad
USE YOUR WORDZ                                    
V1rus - Till it goes click 2010                  
va invisible forces                              
WALT FRAZE - BLUE                                
willie howard                                    
yukon down                                        
Yung Simmie - Yung Simmie - Basement Musik 2      
Yung Simmie - Yung Smokey  


Aether - Artifacts                                
Aural Sects - †EENWVFF                            
Balam Acab - 2011 - Wander - Wonder              
Balam Acab - See Birds EP 2010                    
bitYKRADNE x AILO                                
BONES - 1millionblunts                            
BONES - bones                                    
BONES - bonesteenwitch                            
BONES - CRACKER                                  
BONES - creep                                    
Bones - DeadBoy                                  
BONES - Ethel Wulf x Bones - Lame                
BONES - livinglegend                              
BONES - Na$tyMatt_UndergroundGods                
BONES - PaidProgramming                          
BONES - SATURN                                    
BONES - SCUMBAG                                  
BONES - TEENAGER                                  
BONES - Th@KidWhiteRapper                        
BONES - trs                                      
BONES - xavierwulfbonescaves                      
CLAMS CASINO BSIDES                              
CLAMS CASINO COLDNESS WEB EP                      
CLAMS CASINO INSTRUMENTAL 1                      
CLAMS CASINO INSTRUMENTAL 2                      
CLAMS CASINO LIVE                                
CLAMS CASINO OH JAM                              
CLAMS CASINO RAINFORREST                          
CLAMS CASINO UNSORTED SHIT                        
Dpat -Soulection - In Bloom                      
friendzone - dx                                  
Friendzone-COLLECTION I                          
KA-MEAL & Friends                                
KA-MEAL - Instrumental Vol 1 (DatPiff.com)        
ka-meal - Instrumentals Vol 2 (DatPiff.com)      
KA-MEAL - Mova EP                                
ka-meal - Primus Luporum instrumentals (DatPiff.co
KA-MEAL - still on track mixtape                  
Kamandi & Polo – A.A.$.B. (2014)                  
KIDHNRK - 90's Love                              
KIDHNRK - Cloud EP                                
KIDHNRK - SEPULCHER EP                            
KIDHNRK - Weatherstation EP                      
Main Attrakionz - BestDuoEver                    
Main Attrakionz - Blackberry Ku$h Bonus Disc (gree
Main Attrakionz - I Smoke Because I Dont Care Abou
Main Attrakionz - I Smoke Because I Dont Care Abou
Main Attrakionz - MondreM.A.N & Shady Blaze -Loyal
Main Attrakionz - Niggas On The Run Eatin (steadyb
Main Attrakionz - Perfect Skies + Chuch (Prod by F
Main Attrakionz - tag champz bundle              
Main Attrakionz - Two Man Horror Film            
Main Attrakionz - Zombies On The Turf Digital Drip
Music x Emotions Presents - Sansara              
Sleepsearch - Molt EP                            
Sleepsearch - Tendays EP   

J:\MUSIK\_nice music_

! UNSORTED                                        
air - pocket symphony - 2007 (electronic)        
air - virgin suicides                            
baraka orchestra- 5 worlds                        
beirut - gulag orkestar                          
bjork - declare independece (one little indian cdm
björk - post                                    
björk ALLinONE                                    
blue foundation                                  
brenmar someday and elissa p.-disaster for breakfa
broken nightlights-(suspicious records)-2006      
caribou (manitoba) - yeti (domino cds) [2005] (tro
Caribou - Swim (2010)                            
caribou, the milk of human kindness              
cinematic orchestra - every day                  
cinematic orchestra - man with a movie camera    
cinematic orchestra - [1999] motion              
coco mix                                          
cocorosie  - (2007) the adventures of ghosthorse a
cocorosie & animal collective                    
CocoRosie - Coconuts, Plenty of Junk Food (2009)  
cocorosie - white session (2004)                  
cocorosie la maison de mon reve                  
cocorosie noah's ark                              
comercial breakz                                  
Dark Dark Dark - The Snow Magic                  
Dark Dark Dark - Wild Go                          
Drake - Unbelievable (DatPiff.com)                
DropxLife - Pawncho                              
far away trains passing by                        
feadz - high-b ep [bpc 033]                      
ghostland observatory - 2008 - robotique majestiqu
Glasser - Ring (2010)                            
gnarls_barkely-gnarls_barkley (2006)              
gnarls_barkely-St. Elsewhere (2006)              
gnarls_barkely-the odd couple (2008)              
How To Dress Well - Just Once (2011)              
How to Dress Well - Love Remains                  
How to dress well - Ready to dress well          
Imogen Heap - Ellipse 2009                        
Imogen Heap - Frou_Frou_-_Details__2002__by_cpdomi
Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself 2005            
Imogen Heap i Megaphone 1998                      
lamb - back to mine                              
lamb - between darkness and wonder                
lamb - fear of fours                              
lamb - lamb                                      
lamb - what sound                                
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (EP Apoteose)          
Lana Del Rey Songs                                
Lapalux - When You're Gone EP (2012) [v0]        
Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes (2011)                  
Lykke Li - youth novel                            
lymbyc systym - love your abuser (2007)          
m.i.a. and diplo - piracy funds terrorism volume 1
Made In Heights - Aporia (2011)                  
Made In Heights - Winter Pigeons (2010)          
massive attack - no protection- massive attack vs.
Mia - Stille Post [shared by hi RES for www.best-t
mia - tanz der molekuele (remix ep) (2006)        
mia-hieb und stichfest                            
mindless self indulgence - tight                  
nahoko kakiage - psalm                            
nahoko kakiage -baroque02                        
nirvana - in utero                                
nirvana - nevermind                              
nobody & mystic chords of memory - tree colored se
Nosaj Thing - Drift [V2]                          
notwist & console & klimek - solo swim ep (2004)  
oOoOO - St EP (2010)                              
qua - painting monsters on clouds2004            
Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope                    
saltillo. ganglion (2006, suspicious rec)        
Sampha - Dual (2013) FLAC                        
schleim keim - ddr von unten                      
schleim keim - geldschein 7''                    
schleim keim - leck mich am arsch 7''            
schleim keim - mach dich doch selbst kaputt!      
schleim keim - nichts gewonnen nichts verloren -vo
schleim keim - schleimkeim demotape              
schleim keim - schwarz rot gold nie gewollt 7''  
Selah Sue - Selah Sue (2011)                      
shannon wright - let in the light (quarterstick 20
sj esau - wrong faced cat feed collapse (anticon,
Swag Hag                                          
SZA - RUN                                        
SZA - S                                          
the josiah ep                                    
The Weeknd - Echoes Of Silence (2012)            
The Weeknd - House of Balloons (2011)            
The Weeknd - Kiss Land - LeakedEarly.com          
The Weeknd - Live At The Mod Club (2011)          
The Weeknd - Remixes & Unreleased (2011)          
The Weeknd - The Noise (2011)                    
The Weeknd - Thursday (2011)                      
thievery corporation. dj kicks (1999, !k7)        
thievery corporation. mirror conspiracy (2000, 4ad
thievery corporation. sounds from the thievery hi-
Wir sind Helden - Die Reklamation_shared for [www.
Wir Sind Helden - Endlich Ein Grund Zur Panik    
Wir Sind Helden - Von Hier an Blind              
yann tiersen - c'était ici (2002)                
Yann Tiersen amelie soundtrack                    
Young Magic - Night in the Ocean (2011)          
Zola Jesus - Stridulum EP (2010)                  
Zola Jesus - Stridulum II (2010)                  
zola jesus LA Vampires                            
zola jesus The Spoils